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The view points of the two suitors and the beloved.


Look my dear, none but you I ever loved
From deep within the very core of heart.
I need not try to convince you of this
Because you know it too well on your part.

My childhood friend too is now your lover
Though now he’s turned into my enemy.
I still don’t harbour ill will towards him,
But do pray that you may not forget me.

If you wish to choose him of your free will,
Why should I stand at all between the two?
I’ll forget you ever promised to me.
I’ll retract if your love for him is true.

Finally I have just to tell you this:
What must prevail is simply your own wish.



My darling I know that your heart is torn,
Unable to decide between two friends
Who are, it is true, like enemies now.
But we shall for this later make amends.

Right now what’s needed is but only this,
That you choose me for the rest of your life
So that we take the sacred marriage vows
To remain always as husband and wife.

I promise there will never be a day
When you may not have money or comfort.
Though I may demand some pleasure from you,
In no case I shall cause the slightest hurt.

I hope that you decide accordingly
So that we may ever live happily.



I must say that this test is difficult.
First of all you both vowed that you love me.
But now it transpires that you have been friends,
For my sake now each other’s enemy.

In hiding this you have not been honest,
But against you this I no longer hold.
In love and war everything is but fair,
The bold get knocked, the meek often get bold.

If I have to decide between the two,
I have to choose him, who is pure at heart;
The one who in place of his own pleasure,
Thinks what shall make me happy on my part.

I wish you had sorted this at your end.
My thoughts are clear there’s no need to pretend.

• Written in pentameter in three parts, each consisting of three abcb quatrains ending with a rhyming couplet.

• Presents the respective view points of each suitor and the object of their affection.

M C Gupta
24 July 2008
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