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A dedication to my sister, friend, and confidante.

I'll try not to get too emotional
Don't really care if this is a prose or poem
Just words straight from the heart about a woman I've come to call


Not just a friend. No.
'Cause we both agreed. We were separated at birth.
Thrust to the far corners of the earth and finally forced to meet on this site by Fate.

How did we first meet?
I can't quite remember.
From a review perhaps, a connection was made.
Emails were exchanged and shenanigans began.
We were silly. We giggled over the stupidest things.

Fun times all around. We got a kick out of it.
We were so alike. It wasn't even funny.
They would call me Kathy. I didn't mind.
They would call her Kiya. She considered it an honor.
She would encourage me when things were bleak.
Support my causes when I felt I couldn't go on.
She would hold my hand and make me smile,
With just the simplest email, a c-note or review.
She worried she bored me to death, almost afraid she'd lose my friendship.
What was she talking about? Was she out of her mind?
For crying out loud, I was the one worried most of the time!

I'm not the greatest person when it comes to relationships.
I tend to be distant most of the time, sheltered, impossible to talk to.
Yet she manages to keep me open, even creating a special campfire just for the two of us.
In there we talk about everything, share our hopes, our dreams, our pains, our sufferings.
Our joys, our happiness, ridiculousities and pleasures.

She's got her problems, just as I've got mine.
Yet she listens and offers a helping hand when she can.
She's lost a loved one, has a son who she adores.
Fears she's losing touch with him, and worries for his future.
Just as any single mother would.

But what can I do?
I'm a million miles away.
I can only sit behind my computer screen and cry along or laugh.
Seems it's been more of the former lately ...

She's gone (for now)
Been a while
And goodness knows, the hole she's left behind is so deep, it physically hurts.
Yes, I still speak to her through email (outside the site)
But it's not the same, not seeing her name around, not seeing those WDC emails, and not sharing the fun times.
I cry sometimes, the loneliness too much to bear.
But I have to smile too, and carry on as best I can.
To maintain the spirit of giving and kindness she shared with everyone
To make sure her dreams and aspirations are not crushed or forgotten.

I love her dearly.
I miss her more than words could ever say.
So to my dearest friend, my confidante, my sister,
Dearest Katherine
You will always have a place in my heart.

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