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transation, love and what is to have and experince loss
Night falls. A love lost, yet never to be regained. A soul remembers how only the true love felt. I walk across to the grave and see myself though his eyes yet he's gone. Slowly I find myself in not alone- my lovers ghost has returned, to take me captive once more, I think not only to embrace me once more.
Time passes forth, time has no end. am not alone for my lovers touch fills what’s left of my heart. My soul returns to find only pieces of a stolen heart and mind. While ongoing traveling continues I find myself searching for what never was, only in the form of a long lived fantasy. I reach for my lovers hand to find myself feeling his heart yet this is of new for my lovers been dead for oh so long now, could it be that another’s touched my heart and what used to be my soul? I fear tis true but what of my lover of the past? The haunting of a lost soul, a lost heart only to be gained though this new love one which is my true soul mate.
Lover of my past thee I shall never forget thy but only love stronger and with all of my heart for this new love of the present is you in soul form and who has your heart of hearts.
You’re my love and so shall I never forget how you loved me during the time we shared.
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