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A Speech Communication assignment about self-concept.
The Rubik's Cube

         Have you ever tried solving a Rubik's Cube? It’s hard, right? Unless, you have mastered a technique that can solve it within a few minutes! Akin to this mind challenging cube, I am an enigma – just like every people in this world. Well, maybe more enigmatic than other people. So, care to solve me?
         Side #1: I am an only child, sheltered by a musically-inclined grandmother and an ever-caring mother. I know from that you will conclude that I am spoiled and self-centered. Commonly, people would say that after learning someone is an only child. Well, I’m quite the contrary. I tend to avoid the spotlight and think of others. Also, I give more importance to intangible things and love ones than to things that carry a price tag.

         Side #2: Being an only child and being alone for almost my entire grade school life, I learned to be self-reliant. I know how to make the time worthwhile and keep myself entertained even without the company of others. I have the tendency to try to help myself than to seek others’ help and I also tend to keep things to myself. From experiences I had in my grade school years, I became wary of people. However, I don’t close myself completely to others. How will I be able to find friends if I do, right?

         Side #3: Speaking of friends, although I am an introvert, I have a handful of them and a few very close ones. For them, I am a sponge and a huggable teddy bear. I can handle their insanity and listen to their problems or to whatever sane or inane things they say. When I think about it, I just…can’t believe myself. However, everything has a limit. I may be a sponge but I can’t take absolutely everything! I will never tolerate any kind of abuse, please, I’ve been through that.
         Side #4: Like my friends, I’m like a kid. I’m not that interested with girly stuff. Anime, video games, and the likes fill my mind – things a normal teenage girl won’t be doing. Others may think it’s weird but I don’t really care.

         There are 525,600 minutes in a year. It’s a big number but, it’s not enough to solve one Rubik's Cube. In fact, it takes a lifetime for everyone including those who know themselves. I, myself, am still solving mine. How far have you solved yours?
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