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a young relationship breaks up, will lost years, vibrant sexuality change them?
Expecting paradise,
she was only a child bride.
A Princess dreams of her Prince,
yet only a human man exists.

Fairy tales disguise a smooth ride
until the roller coaster of life peaks.
Young Juliet did not understand,
bitter often comes with sweet.

Their split was full of spiteful tears.
Splendid cherished roses when cut, die.
Common dreams, hopes, goals shatter.
Years passed. Again they met.

She saw her face in his eyes;
alive, radiant, young
flushed, bursting with passion,
craving sensual satisfaction.

A flame had sparked.
Could she ignite, how could she not?
To fill empty hours in anticipation,
hold her breath for his nearness.

Years alter memories.
Bitter wine likens champagne.
Desperation, a rough patch.
Jagged emotions, minor complaints.

Sequels can be superior.
Don’t jump to sign binding ties,
just wade in a shallow pool.
A trophy awaits the swan dive.

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