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A contrast between natural joys and artificial noise
It’s only natural, to turn off the tunes, and listen to the wind.
When the television’s off and we’re watching the rain fall
It’s only natural… Only magnificent and natural then.

If the phone isn’t ringing, and birds begin singing, it’s only
a natural thing… It’s natural too, if the light bulbs aren’t burning
and the moon and the stars are in view. 

Sometimes when thunder is loud and there’s lightning,
and it’s all we can hear and see, it’s only natural,
no thing made by man, can dazzle us more than these.

The mind’s eye can capture a sunset, it’s only natural to
have such delight. In the mind’s eye sunsets can dwell a moment,
then naturally, drift out of sight.

Simply imagine the high seas, stormy and raging… An ocean
of awe and respect may begin. Only natural desire,
for placid and stillness, may level waves of water and fear.

Unnatural forces surround… Eroding… invading the soul…
In protest of limits and boundary, my mind strikes out alone…
Unchained, venturing boundless beyond, in the vast and only natural…
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