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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Romance/Love · #1456918
The 1st half of the 1st episode of Dream Team. My 1st entry to the 2007 Animax Awards.
Dream team
Child of dreams

Romance/ Action/ Fantasy/ Psychology

Francis Richard Ferry
Authors’ name

Catch phrase:

This is one of those dreams you wished was real.

Story outline:

Yume, a teenage girl from Japan who’s only dream is to dream. Ever since she was a little girl she’s had a sleeping disorder which prevented her from sleeping. Yume just wants to feel how it is to dream. Because only in dreams can you be who ever you want, be with who ever you want. An answer to her problems came when she heard about Dr. Hiruma.
Dr. Hiruma, an unorthodox child psychiatrist, has found a unique way of curing his patients. Rather than having the students do violence towards others, Dr. Hiruma would allow the patients to release their pent up anger or inner demons through their dreams. Dr. Hiruma would then battle the physical manifestations of these inner demons. But something went wrong. Dr. Hiruma had lost control. Now every child that goes to bed releases his or her own inner demon.
Dr. Hiruma suddenly receives help from Shawn, a foreign exchange student who possesses an amazing ability to manipulate dreams. Together, they fight the inner demons and, in the process, cure the children who had summoned them.
But during a battle with an inner demon, a mysterious boy reveals himself to possess the same level of dream manipulation as Shawn does, except the boy wasn’t on their side. As the mysterious boy aids the inner demon and battles Shawn.
If things weren’t bad enough, they meet Hayden, another foreigner who seemed to know a lot about the dreams and how reality would inevitably be merged with the dream world.
All the answers point to Yume and her mysterious connection to Shawn, the boy she knows but has never met. So how can Yume be connected to the dream world when she can’t even fall asleep.
Time is running out because the next time somebody falls a sleeps, we may all never wake up to see the next day.

*Story has a surprise twist*


1) Ext/Int – Saijo no tatakai school patio – Early morning

(Insert episode title)
1st Knight: Guardian of dreams

A high school girl sits on the 4th floor window watching as students go inside the school.

A voice of a girl narrates

“Welcome to Tokyo Japan. My name is Yume Sekai. I’m your typical high school girl studying in Saijo no tatakai high. I wouldn’t say I look like Nao but I’m definitely no Noriko either. I can’t get an A+ on my grades but I’ve never had an F either. Like most kids my age, we’re not perfect. We all have problems that eat us up from within. ‘Could be because the teen years are a very impressionable time. It’s a time when we’re still searching for who we are or where we belong. Take for example my classmates.”

Yume looks outside at one of the students in the playground. A physically fit boy with black flat top hair and bruises on his face runs around the playground.

Yume continuous narrating

“He’s Hageshii. His grandpa, papa, even his brother are all world class athletes. So everyone expects him to be just as good or even better. The pressure of having to be the best, not just in Japan but in the world, is such a big burden for anyone to carry. No one’s ever cared to ask if Hageshii even wants to be an athlete. Maybe he actually wants to be something else.”

Yume looks inside the class room. One of the students, a girl with long black hair nearly covering her entire face, sits at the corner of the room.

Yume continuous

“She’s Utsukushisa. She often just sits there in class from the time the classes start to the time it ends. I tried to speak to her once but she just covers her face and turns the other way. Some of the students say that Utsukushisa was born with a defect, some kind of birth mark on her face that makes her look frightening. I haven’t seen it but I’m sure she wants to feel how it is to be pretty.”

Yume looks at a boy with glasses who has fallen asleep on his desk studying his notes.

Yume narrates again

“Then there’s Ari. He’s the kind of guy who has ‘most likely to succeed’ written on his year book. Ari’s has the makings of a brilliant scientist. Just like his father who, by the way, is world renown in his study of insects. Can anybody say ‘disgusting’? Back to Ari, everything Ari has ever done is to make his father proud but his father is always too busy at work to even notice him. Last I heard, his father isn’t even in Japan.”

Yume takes a deep breath then breathes out as she looks up at the clear blue sky.

Yume continuous

“As for me, when I was little, I always loved it when grandpa would tell me those fairytales to put me to bed. Until one day, when he slept, he just never woke up again. From that day on, I could never sleep. I guess I was afraid that I may never wake up too. At least Hageshii, Utsukushisa, and Ari could always escape into their dream world whenever reality gets too crappy.”

Yume looks back at Ari sleeping on his desk.

Then Yume continuous

“Me? I’m stuck in this world.”

The school bell rings and the students take their seats. A female teacher in her thirties enters the class room, her hair knotted to the top of her head like a samurai. Yume notices that Ari was still a sleep.

Yume quietly attempts to wake up Ari.

“Hey Ari! Get up, Miss Unagi is here. Wake up!”

But Ari doesn’t even move.

Yume narrates

“That’s Miss Unagi. She’s the strictest teacher there is. She practically let a student stand in the school yard with the heat of the sun for the entire school day just because he was a second late.”

Miss Unagi clears her throat. The students flinch. Then to the shock of the class Miss Unagi smiles.

She opens the door and happily introduces someone.

“This is a special day. We have us a guest all the way from Germany. From one of the wealthiest families, it is a privilege to introduce Shawn Traumen.”

A boy enters, dressed in a stunning thousand dollar suit and with neatly combed blonde hair. The girls in the class are left with their jaws wide open as he passes by.

Miss Unagi adds

“Just take any seat you want Shawn. You can even have the ones that already belong to someone else.”

Girls in the class push the vacant seats beside them forward offering it to Shawn.

Yume thinks to herself

“He looks so familiar. Like I’ve met him some where before.

Before Yume could finish her thought Shawn speaks to her.

“Guten tag! I mean hello. May I sit here?”

Yume, surprised, nervously replies.

“Guten tag! Zufriedenstellen sitzen!”

Shawn sits on the chair beside Yume.

“Danke schon! You know German?”

Yume stumbles on her reply.

“J – Ja!”

Shawn attempts to calm her down.

“It’s alright; you can speak Japanese. I can too. So where did you learn German?”

Yume jokes.

“Well, you kinda’ have a lot of free time on your hands if you don’t sleep.”

Shawn confusingly asks.


Yume giggles.

“Hi-hi, it’s nothing. Oh, I’m Yume”

Yume shakes Shawn’s Hand.

“How about you Shawn where did you learn to speak Japanese?”

Shawn excitedly replies.

“I learned from watching those Japanese sentai shows. I’m a real fan. I especially like it when the hero saves the girl.”

Miss Unagi angrily interrupts Yume and Shawn’s conversation.

“Miss Sekai! Just because you can’t get an A in class doesn’t mean you should drag down Shawn with you.”

Before Miss Unagi could begin her lecture, some people started screaming outside.

Miss Unagi and some of the students went out of the room and into the hall to see what the noise was about. What they saw was the scariest thing they could ever see.

It stood as tall as 8 feet, its skin, wet and dark red. It looked like an ant but it stood like a man. It made this horrible shriek as it attacked both teachers and students, tossing them like they were toys.

Miss Unagi faints and the students run in fear as the creature crawls towards them.

Yume looks back at Ari who was still asleep.

Yume thinks to herself

“I know Miss Unagi’s lectures are boring, but sleep through a monster attack?”

Yume falls backward as the monster lands in front of her.

The monster makes this high pitched shriek, but before it could hurt Yume Shawn steps in between Yume and the monster.

Shawn calmly says

“Stay behind me.”

Yume, sitting on the floor, looks up behind Shawn and thinks.

“Is he crazy or does he actually think he’s one of those heroes on TV?”

Just when the monster was going to strike Shawn, one of the class room walls explodes.

A man leaps out. He was covered in a blue and black leather suit with silver heavy armor plating. His face can’t be seen due to the helmet except for his eyes which can partially be seen through the glass shade. He seemed to resemble a knight with a lion motif.

The knight dives the monster on the belly and they both smash through the 4th floor window. As they fall the knight punches the monster several times until they both crash on top of a parked car.

The car’s windows shatter on impact of the knight and the monsters fall.

Shawn looks down the broken window then cheers for the knight.

“Come on, Knight Shade, you can do it!”

Yume curiously asks.

“You know that armored guy?”

Shawn helps Yume up and excitedly answers.

“Yeah, that’s Knight Shade, leader of the Knight watchmen. I used to watch that on T.V. when I was a kid.”

The monster gets up before Knight Shade and throws a backhand sending Knight Shade flying into another parked car.

The car’s hood breaks, its front wheels explode as Knight Shade Falls on it, triggering the car alarm. Yume and Shawn cover their ears for a second because of the loud alarm but when they looked back both Knight Shade and the monster had vanished.

Ari gets up and wonders.

“What is that noise? Where is everybody?”

Yume and Shawn look at Ari and they both say.

“You wouldn’t believe it.”

2) Int – School dormitory – early morning

Yume’s room, nearly all the walls have bookshelves filled with all types of books from physics to fairy tales. Yume sits at her bed with her cell phone on, talking to the school psychiatrist, Dr. Mayonaka.

Yume excitedly asks

“Really, doc? Dr. Hiruma said he’d want to meet me?!”

Mayonaka replies with a sophisticated voice

“That’s what he said. Tell me Yume, you do know what Dr. Hiruma does right?”

Yume thinks before replying

“Well… from what I know about Dr. Hiruma, he’s famous for his unorthodox way of curing patients, which made other doctors turn their backs on his research about dreams. I’ve met with many doctors to no avail. Maybe he can do what normal doctors couldn’t.”

3) Ext – outside school dormitory – morning

Yume, excited to meet Dr. Hiruma, runs outside the dormitory and accidentally slams into Shawn, who was going inside. They both fall on the floor.

Yume shouts

“Ouch! Watch where you’re…”

Yume pauses as she recognizes the person she hit

“Shawn? What are you doing here?”

Shawn gets up and apologizes

“Traurig Yume. I’m moving in to the dorm.”

Yume replies surprised as Shawn helps her up

“Wow, that’s amazing! We’ll be like neighbors!”

Shawn shyly asks

“Are you going some place, Yume? Because I wanted to ask if I could come with you. I didn’t want to see the sights of Japan alone.”

Yume smiles and says

“Sure, we never got to talk much yesterday anyway with the monster attack and all.”

4) Int – school premises, principals office – same morning

Miss Unagi speaks with the principal about yesterday’s monster attack.

Miss Unagi worriedly complains

“Principal T, The parents are afraid for their children. I’m afraid! What are we going to do about this monster problem? What if it attacks again? We’ve already suspended today’s classes. Are we planning on shutting down the school altogether?!”

Principal T, a balding out of shape man in his 50s calmly replies

“Relax, Miss Unagi. I’ve contacted the best Entomologist in the world. He came all the way here from his trip in the United States just to help us in our problem. You must know Dr. Sachs?”

A thin American man with glasses enters the principal’s office. Miss Unagi recognizes Dr. Sachs so she quickly extends her hand.

Miss Unagi shakes Dr. Sachs’s hand as she says

“Of course, you’re the doctor who studies the evolution of insects.”

Dr. Sachs fixes his glasses and says

“Yes that’s me. Mr. T, Miss Unagi, what we have here is an insect that has evolved well beyond its years. There is nothing in the world like it. I cannot allow anyone to destroy such a beautiful specie. I will bring my own team of scientists to capture it without harm.”

Dr. Sachs bows in respect and says

“Thank you for notifying me, but I must go now.”

Before Dr. Sachs could leave Miss Unagi says something that makes Dr. Sachs stop

“Oh, Dr. Sachs, isn’t Ari your son?”

Dr, Sachs replies without looking

“Yes, he is.”

Miss Unagi continuous

“You came all the way from the states. We’d understand if you’d want to see your son first.”

Dr. Sachs annoyed about the delay replies

“This can’t wait. Maybe afterwards.”

Principal T interrupts

“Let him get to work, Miss Unagi. We are the ones who should be grateful that the doctor met us even with his very busy schedule.”

Principal T bows in return to Dr. Sachs’s bow. Then Dr. Sachs leaves the principals office.

5) Ext / Int – Outside city limits – Noon

No civilization can be seen but a long empty road with a lot of trees on both sides.

Shawn worriedly asks while looking around

“Um… Yume, are we still going the right way?”

Yume looks at a piece of paper with an address on it

“This is what Dr. Mayonaka said, Shawn, last house before leaving the city.”

Shawn excitedly sees something

“Yume look, there a house or a cabin deep in the forest!”

Yume and Shawn make their way into the forest towards the cabin. Shawn helps Yume up the cabin steps and on to the porch.

Yume Calls as she knocks on the old wooden door

“Hello! Dr. Hiruma, its Yume!”

Shawn looks through one of the windows and says

“Don’t think there’s anybody home.”

Yume accidentally pushes the door and surprisingly it opens

Yume whispers to Shawn

“Shawn, it’s not locked. Let’s go in.”

Shawn never had a chance to stop Yume from entering the cabin because she was intent on finding Dr. Hiruma no matter what.

As Yume opens the door, it makes an old cracking sound like its hinges were about to break apart. As they walk in, they see that nearly everything inside was made out of wood, from the table at the center of the room to the chairs around it, even the ceiling was wooden. A lamp hanging in the center of the room was the only source of light as they saw a hallway with 5 doors, 2 on each side and 1 on the center.

They proceeded to check the1st door to the left. When Yume opened the door, the room was empty except for a bed, a desktop computer, and a huge file cabinet.

Shawn proceeded to open the door on his side. It was also a bedroom with clothes scattered all over the place. There were pictures of a man happily playing with his son. The cabin could be seen in the background of the picture.

As they got deeper into the hall, the lamp got further so it got darker.

Yume instinctively holds on to Shawn’s hand as Shawn slowly opens the 3rd door on his side. It was the toilet. They both laugh a little.

Shawn makes his way to the 4th door on Yume’s side. As Shawn opens it, they were surprised to see it was a Child’s room. Comic books were scattered all over. Posters of the Knight watchmen filled the room.

Yume jokes

“Your room?”

Shawn smiles, then they notice that they were holding hands. They automatically release each others hand and they both blush.

Shawn backs up and starts to apologize

“I didn’t mean…”

Yume interrupts

“No it’s…”

But before Yume could finish Shawn accidentally backs up into the center door and it makes a metallic sound.

Shawn is surprised

“What the, this door, it’s made out of titanium.”

Suddenly they hear a beep and the titanium door unlocks and swings open. A man steps out, his hair long and messy, his face filled with stubble, and his shirt looks all worn out. The man cocks the shotgun and points it at Shawn and Yume.

The man talks

“You lost?”

When suddenly a voice shouts from inside the titanium door

“Noburo! Noburo Hiruma, stop!

It was Dr. Mayonaka a clean cut man dressed in a lab coat who comes rushing out of the titanium door.

Dr. Mayonaka explains

“That’s Yume, the girl I told you about.”

Yume and Shawn shout in shock

“He’s Dr. Hiruma!?”

6) Int – Hiruma’s Cabin – Night

Shawn and Yume sit on a sofa. From across the table Dr. Hiruma sits on another chair smoking a cigar, his feet placed on top of the table. Dr. Mayonaka comes in carrying a tray of drinks he gives a glass of orange each for Yume and Shawn and then leaves a cup of coffee on the table for Dr. Hiruma.

Mayonaka shoves Hiruma’s feet off the table before saying

“Noburo I believe you owe Yume and Shawn an apology for pointing a gun at them. Now if you three would excuse me, I have a patient in the other room.”

Yume stands up and bows to Dr. Mayonaka as she says

“Thank you, Dr. Mayonaka.”

Shawn, not used to Japanese customs, sees Yume bowing so he stands up and bows too. Mayonaka returns the bow then goes inside the titanium door.

Before Mayonaka closes the door he says

“Oh, Shawn you just transferred right? Let’s talk more later, okay?

Shawn nods his head then he and Yume sit back down. Hiruma looks at both of them then puffs some smoke in the air.

Dr. Hiruma after a long silence finally speaks

“I said I wanted to meet with Yume. Are you Yume too, boy?”

Before Shawn could respond Yume interrupts

“Doctor, please. Shawn is my friend, I trust him.”

Yume gets up from her chair and continuous

“Whatever you have to tell me, you can tell him too.”

Hiruma puts out his cigar on an ashtray on the table then says

“You know a lot of people told me they were friends, friends that would be there for me when I needed them. But look at me, at this place. They couldn’t even spend a dime to back up my work. Cause they didn’t want their names to be associated with mine. So I hope you would understand why I don’t trust so easily.”

Without a second thought Shawn gets up from his chair and says

“Then I’ll leave. What you have to say is very important to Yume.”

Yume holds onto Shawn’s arm as he was about to leave, when all of a sudden, the titanium door swings open. It was Dr. Mayonaka.

Mayonaka pants as he says

“Noburo, its time, Ari… he’s in the dream world.”

7) Int – Inside the titanium door – midnight

Yume, Shawn, Hiruma, and Mayonaka pass through cement steps heading down. The walls of the steps were filled with florescent lights. It was the complete opposite of the floor upstairs.

Dr. Hiruma Asks Mayonaka angrily

“What’s going on Higure? Ari just released his inner demon yesterday; his aggression should have subsided for awhile.”

Mayonaka replies

“I know. Something must’ve triggered it again, but this time it’s so much stronger. So I checked Ari’s cell phone messages. This afternoon he got a message from his teacher Unagi. Ari’s Father is in Japan.”

Yume and Shawn Look confused at the conversation between Hiruma and Mayonaka as they race down the steps after Dr. Mayonaka.

When Dr. Mayonaka reached the bottom of the steps, he places his palm on a scanner on the side of the wall. The computer screen analyzes Mayonaka’s palm then a female voice on the computer speaks.

“Welcome Doctor Higure Mayonaka.”

The glass door in front of Dr. Mayonaka slides open then they all enter. As Shawn and Yume enter the room the look of amazement could be seen in their faces. The room is filled with hi-tech computers and machinery. Behind the computers are two more rooms with huge glass windows so that one can see inside them. The rooms were labeled A and B. Yume saw that Ari was strapped down on a hospital bed in room B.

Concerned for Ari’s health Yume shouts

“Ari its Yume, are you alright?!”

Mayonaka interrupts

“Yume, don’t bother. The room is sound proof so he can sleep with out disruptions.”

Mayonaka sits in front of the computers and tells Yume

“Don’t worry about Ari.”

Mayonaka shows the monitor to Yume and adds

“Look, he’s plugged into these computers so we can monitor his brain waves and heart rate. Besides, he’s in good hands with Dr. Hiruma.”

Hiruma enters room A, then tells Mayonaka

“Ari’s already in the dream world. Any moment now, he’ll be conjuring up that inner demon again. Higure prop me up. Give me two sleeping pills and seal in room A.”

Mayonaka plugs the same thing on Dr. Hiruma as the ones on Ari, two on the head to monitor his brain activity and two on the chest to measure his heart rate. Mayonaka seals the room then sits back down in front of the computer. Mayonaka checks the monitors then gives a thumbs up to Hiruma. Hiruma, who is inside room A, returns the thumbs up then swallows the sleeping pills before lying down on another hospital bed.

Worried and confused Yume asks

“Dr. Mayonaka, what’s going on? Why did Dr. Hiruma take those sleeping pills? And what are inner demons?”

Dr. Mayonaka thinks hard about telling Yume and Shawn but tells them anyway

“Dr. Hiruma wouldn’t want me to tell you this because this was the reason he was turned into an outcast. Children go through many problems in their childhood. Like whenever they fail in class, or whenever they try to do what’s cool to be a part of the in crowed, or just the pressure they get from their parents to always be the best.”

Mayonaka pauses to play some opera music in room A, then continues

“That helps him go to bed. Now where was I…? Oh, Because of all these problems that the child encounters, the anger, the hatred with in him reaches a boiling point and it gets released through violence, violence towards others. Like when a student brings guns to school and start shooting people. Violence towards himself, like when a student’s commits suicide.”

Mayonaka spins his chair towards Yume and Shawn then continues

“Dr. Hiruma has thought of a way to give children an outlet for their frustrations by allowing the children to release their emotions through their dreams, and through these dreams Dr. Hiruma would find the reasons for their aggressions and cure them.”

Dr. Mayonaka gets up from his chair, walks around and continues

“But because of lack of funding, Dr. Hiruma’s Dream project was discontinued. Then it happened. The ant monster you saw at school yesterday? That was Ari’s inner demon.”

Mayonaka approaches room B then he holds on to the sound proof glass before continuing again

“I should know. Ari’s my patient. We don’t know how Ari’s inner demon got to the real world, not yet anyway. But one thing is for certain, Ari’s father is the target of the inner demon because that is where Ari’s problems stem from.”

Yume thinks of a solution

“Then why don’t we wake Ari up to stop his inner demon?”

Mayonaka explains

“That’s only a temporary solution, like what happened at school. Noburo is already inside. If nothing wakes them up, he’ll know what to do because this is his dream project turned into a nightmare.”

The computer beeps and Mayonaka rushes to sit down. Mayonaka switches one monitor after another. The displays on the monitors are several streets in Tokyo.

Shawn complains

“Hey, you’re tapped on the street cameras. That’s illegal, isn’t it?”

Mayonaka explains his actions

“Yes that’s illegal but this is the fastest way to locate Ari’s father. Wait! There he is!”

They see a car moving along Takeshita Street on the monitor.

Yume asks

“How can Dr. Hiruma get from here to there?”

Mayonaka proudly explains

“I don’t know anyone as good as Noburo when it comes to controlling dreams. Just watch”

Mayonaka speaks on a mike on the desktop connected to room A

“Noburo, Ari’s father is at Takeshita Street

Yume points at something at the monitor and shouts

“Look! On the road! It’s that ant demon!”

Mayonaka hopelessly looks and says

“Oh, God no…”

(Due to the 50K limit given at Writing.com I'm forced to divide the episode in to 2 parts.)
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