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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Romance/Love · #1456929
The 2nd half of the 1st episode of Dream Team. My 1st entry to the 2007 Animax Awards.
Dream team
Child of dreams

Romance/ Action/ Fantasy/ Psychology

Francis Richard Ferry
Authors’ name

8) Ext – City streets – night / raining

Dr. Sachs is driving while talking on his cell phone with his science team bent on capturing the ant demon.

Dr. Sachs shouts on the phone so that the other guy on the line can hear him through the noise of the rain

“You’re on the plane to Tokyo?!”

Dr. Sachs’ car makes a sharp turn on the slippery road.

Sachs continuous talking on the phone

“Excellent! I’m on my way to the airport to pick you up.”

Dr. Sachs looks away from the street temporarily to put down his cell but when he looks up, he’s surprised to see the ant demon blocking the street.

Sachs panics and shouts

“Holy shit!”

Dr. Sachs stirs to avoid the demon but because of the slippery road, he loses control of the car. It spins and breaks into a barricade. The car finally stops when it slams into a tree, nearly slicing the car in two.

Amazingly, the car door opens and Dr. Sachs crawls out, his head bleeding, his nose broken. Sachs’s injury could’ve been worse if the air bags hadn’t deployed. Sachs continues to crawl on the wet grass as the rain pours harder. The ant demon leaps on top of the totaled car and makes a loud shriek.

Yume cheers on as she watches the monitor

“Hurry run!”

Shawn asks Dr. Mayonaka

“What’s taking Dr. Hiruma so long?”

Mayonaka assures Shawn

“Sleeping, dreaming, and then controlling it. It’s not that easy. But he’ll be there. I’m sure of it.”

The ant demon makes a long leap from on top of the car towards Sachs then suddenly somebody shoots the ant demon off the air. The ant demon is tossed more than 10ft before hitting the ground. Dr. Sachs looks up to see who saved him. It was Knight Shade covered in a long black cape with a futuristic pistol in hand.
Knight Shade helps Dr. Sachs up.

Mayonaka excitedly says

“He’s finally here!”

Shawn and Yume both say in shock

“No way! Knight Shade is Dr. Hiruma!!!”

Knight Shade speaks in an echoing voice

“Are you alright?”

Dr. Sachs shoves Knight Shade as he shouts

“What have you done?! That specie is a rare find!?”

The ant demon suddenly appears behind Knight Shade then bites him on the right shoulder. Knight Shade drops the gun as his armor breaks and his shoulder bleeds. Knight shade holds the demons head with his injured right arm then pounds the demons head repeatedly with his left fist.

The demon shrieks as blood comes out of its mouth. The demon grabs hold of Knight Shade then tosses him towards a tree. Knight Shade slams into a branch breaking it before falling on the grass. The ant demon turns its attention to Dr. Sachs.

Dr. Sachs pleads to the ant demon as he offers it a chocolate bar as a token of friendship.

“I don’t mean you any harm. Here, I know you love sweets.”

The ant demon sniffs the chocolate bar. Then it grabs hold of Sachs’s hand, slowly crushing it.

Sachs shouts

“AAH! My arm!!!”

The chocolate bar falls on the wet grass. Just as Knight Shade forces himself back up.

Knight Shade, breathing heavily, shouts to Sachs

“That’s not an evolved insect, that’s the physical manifestation of your son’s anger!”

Knight Shade picks up the gun with his left hand.

Knight Shade speaks to the gun

“Explosive mode!”

A female computer voice on the gun responds

“Fang blaster configuration 2”

Then the pistol changes shape like a Chinese puzzle, one piece moving after another until it turned into something that resembles a shotgun. Knight Shade lifts his left arm and points the gun towards the ant demon but Dr. Sachs whose arm was still being crushed was in the line of fire.

Without a second thought Knight Shade pulls the trigger nearly hitting Dr. Sachs but it hits the ant demon right on the head. The ant demons head tilts back on the bullets impact then it returns to its normal position. Blood drips from a hole on the ant demon’s head but before it could do anything, its head blows up in a pile of blood spilling all over the frightened Dr. Sachs.

Shawn cheers


Yume hi-fives with Shawn as she shouts


Knight Shade calmly says

“It’s not over.”

Knight Shade stows the Fang blaster on his right hip holster then he walks towards Dr. Sachs who was about to cry due to the pain of his broken hand. Then all of a sudden Knight Shade lifts Dr. Sachs by the collar of his coat.

Knight Shade angrily tells Dr. Sachs

“There is nothing I would want more than for those inner demons to rip your head off because you’re an awful father. But I can’t allow that because I told your son that I would cure him and I always keep my word. So stay behind me.”

Knight Shade puts Dr. Sachs down then they hear a thousand deafening shrieks all at once as a hundreds more of those ant demons started coming out of the forest.

Knight Shade redraws the Fang blaster then he feels a sharp pain on his right shoulder. He remembers the injury so again he uses his left hand to draw the Fang blaster which was still on its 2nd configuration.

Knight Shade calmly tells Dr. Sachs

“Back up, slowly.”

All at once the ant demons dash towards them. In the same instance Knight Shade fires hitting another one on the head. The ant demon was temporarily dazed but it continuous to run with the others when suddenly its head blows up.

Knight Shade fires at the next closest one but it only hits its arm. It staggers a little but it was able to claw Knight Shade’s chest scratching the armor. Knight Shade falls on his back and the ant demon jumps on top of him. As it was about to finish him, its arm that was hit earlier finally blows up. It shrieks as blood drops all over Knight Shade. In an instant Knight Shade points his gun directly at the ant demons face and fires at it. Blood oozes through the ant demons eye as Knight Shade kicks the demon off him and even before the ant demon lands, its head blows up just as it falls on two more ant demons.

But the ant demons are far too many as another demon steps on Knight Shades left arm and scratches his face. Then another one grabs hold of his already injured right hand and bites his arm.

Both Knight Shade and the sleeping Dr. Hiruma shout in pain


Dr. Hiruma’s heart rate and brain wave become unstable.

Dr. Mayonaka angrily slams his fist on the table as he says

“This isn’t good. Noburo’s heart rate and brain waves are getting erratic. If Knight Shade dies in the dream world then Noburo dies in the real world as well.”

Yume worriedly says

“Oh God… Dr. Hiruma.”

Yume looks in shock at the monitor then she looks away holding onto Shawn’s arm.

Shawn worriedly asks Mayonaka

“Doc, there has to be some thing we can do!”

Mayonaka, disappointed in himself, says

“I’m sorry… but I can’t go in. Very few adults still have the vision, the ability to dream. When a person grows old he reaches a certain age where his hopes and aspirations die. But Noburo is different. He hasn’t lost hope. He still dreams. I don’t know about what, but in him the dream is still alive.”

Without thinking Shawn says

“Then I’m the one who’s going in.”

Yume and Dr. Mayonaka look in shock at what Shawn said.

Shawn jokes

“Hey, everybody knows that Knight Shade isn’t the best of the Knight Watch men, its Knight light.”

Shawn picks up a handful of sleeping pills from a bottle on the desk. Dr. Mayonaka quickly gets up from his chair and catches Shawn’s hand with the pills.

Mayonaka shouts

“Are you crazy?! Such a huge dose could be lethal!”

Shawn pulls his arm away from Mayonaka’s hand.

Shawn pauses awhile before explaining

“I know… but the standard dose would take too long. By that time,… well, you already know!”

Yume steps in between Shawn and Mayonaka then she slaps Shawn in the face as tears roll down her face.

Yume starts to cry as she tells Shawn

“No… I don’t want to lose you.”

Shawn holds on to Yume’s hands tightly. Then he wipes the tears from her face.

Shawn promises Yume

“Promise me that you wouldn’t cry and I promise that the hero would always return to his leading lady.”

With those last words Yume nods her head and Shawn takes the pills and in a second he collapses into Yume’s arms. Yume goes to her knees holding on to Shawn’s limp body.

9) Ext – Forested area / off road – Night

Dr. Sachs is frozen in fear as he watches Knight Shade get mauled by more than six ant demons. But Sachs fails to notice another ant demon sneaking behind him. All of a sudden a bright yellow and green ball of light appears from the heavens. It passes over all the ant demons getting all their attention, even the ones attacking Knight Shade look up at the light.

The light disperses in the air and from it a figure leaps out and punches one of the demons. The punched demon is thrown off of its feet. It hits one branch after another before falling face first into the grass. The figure finally lands on its feet and down on one knee. He stands up slowly.

Yume gasps as she recognizes the figure

“Huh?! It’s him.”

Yume, sitting on the floor, holds on to Shawn tightly as she watches the monitors.

The figure is covered in a red leather suit with black armor plating but less bulky than Knight Shade’s. Like Knight Shade he was similar to a knight with an eagle motif. His cape flows elegantly in the wind as he walks towards the ant demons.

The knight speaks in an echoing voice but smaller than Knight Shade’s voice

“I am the Guiding light,”

“The guardian of dreams,”

“My name is Knight light!”

The ant demons surround Knight Light. Knight light detaches his cape and throws it in the air exposing a long sword sheathed on his belt. Knight light goes in to a low stance while holding his sheathed sword. He looks around at the eight demons surrounding him.

And with a blink of an eye he draws the long sword making a 180 degree horizontal slice then swings it back. Catching it with the other hand, he swings with both hands a full 360 degree turn. Then with one hand he points the sword downward.

Knight light catches his cape and wipes the blood from the sword with it. All at the same time the eight demons surrounding him get decapitated and their blood sprays all over the place. But twenty more replace the eight he’s killed. Knight light throws the bloodied cape to the side.

Knight light runs making distance between him Knight Shade and Dr. Sachs. The ant demons chase him. Once far enough Knight light stops. The ant demons surround him.

Knight light shouts (ascending)


Knight light bends down and jumps at an amazing 20ft in the air. He spins the sword on one hand than resheaths it.

Knight light shouts in the air

“Smasher mode!”

A Female computer voice speaks

“Talon blade configuration 2”

When Knight light redraws the Talon blade it wasn’t a long sword any more. It became a broadsword. Knight light grabs the sword with both hands and points the sword downward. As Knight light falls he stabs the broadsword deep into the ground with all his strength. The impact of the broadsword creates a massive crater, cracking the ground and tossing all the ant demons at once. Some of the ant demons are thrown into trees, into the waters, onto the streets or even onto other ant demons.

Dr. Mayonaka thinks to himself

“Shawn is amazing. He might even be better than Noburo at manipulating dreams.”

Knight light walks out of the crater his talon blade back to its 1st configuration. Knight light sees Knight Shade leaning on a tree holding on to his injured arm. On the other side he sees Dr. Sachs sitting on the grass in shock.

Knight light calls to them

“Dr. Hiru…I mean, Knight Shade, Dr. Sachs are you two alright?”

Knight Shade replies

“Don’t be too cocky kid, it isn’t over.”

Another hundred ant demons start crawling out of the forest.

Knight light angrily says

“What the!? Aren’t these things going to run out!?”

Knight light redraws his talon blade and goes to his low stance. Knight Shade moves off the tree he was leaning on, his armor filled with dents and scratches, his shoulder and arm still bleeding, but despite all that he makes his way towards Dr. Sachs.

Knight Shade irritated about Dr. Sachs says

“Only one thing could stop this, and that’s you Sachs.”

Dr. Sachs surprised at what he heard replies

“W - What, me!?”

Knight Shade continuous

“Your son’s waiting for an answer.”

Knight Shade spins the Fang blaster in his finger than gives it to Dr. Sachs. Dr. Sachs stumbles trying to lift the heavy blaster.

Sachs confusingly asks

“What am I going to do with this?”

Knight Shade snickers and tells Sachs

“You know what you have to do. Ari never wanted your money. The only thing Ari ever wanted was your attention. Ari fought for that everyday at school, at home. But you never see just how hard he tries competing with those damned insects. So which is it doc, your work or your son?”

Dr. Sachs looks down disappointed in himself as he says

“I’m so sorry, I never knew.”

Knight Shade adds

“Don’t tell me. Show it to your son.”

Dr. Sachs lifts the Fang blaster with two hands and aims at one of the approaching ant demons. Dr. Sachs’s hands shake because he’s never fired a gun before. He pulls the trigger. Its recoil throws him back but the bullet still hits its mark as one of the demons are hit in the chest. It doesn’t die but they all stop moving.

Knight Shade ignores Dr. Sachs who falls to the ground. He instead, picks up the Fang blaster.

Knight shade shouts at Knight light

“Now Knight light, let’s have the same dream!”

Knight light nods his head then they put their weapons together.

Knight light shouts

“Blade unification!”

Knight Shade speaks to his gun

“Blaster unification.”

Like living metal the Talon blade and the Fang blaster merge into one weapon, looking like a shotgun with a long sword underneath it.

A female computer voice speaks

“Fang blade Double configuration.”

Knight Shade falls to one knee because of his injuries. Knight light helps Knight Shade up but Knight Shade pushes Knight light away and gives him the Fang blade.

Knight Shade holds the pain in and tells Knight light

“I saw what you did earlier, you do it. You finish them.”

Knight light assures Knight Shade

“I’ll be back.”

Knight light leans Knight Shade onto a tree. Then Knight light walks towards the ant demons and positions the fang blade above his head. He moves the blade from his head to his toe to his head again as the blade glows yellow.

Knight light runs in the middle of a hundred ant demons, the huge blade blaster held with both hands as he slices left and right, but the blade just goes through every demon like he was holding nothing.

After getting past all the ant demons, he slides on the grass. Knight light twirls the Fang blade in his finger like it was a gun. Then he presses the trigger of the Fang blade and the slice marks on each demon glows and then blows up, taking out the ones he didn’t slice as well in a chain reaction of explosions.

The monitors at Hiruma’s cabin loses picture because of the explosions.

Yume asks worriedly

“What Happened?”

Dr. Mayonaka keeps Yume calm by telling her

“Don’t worry. We just lost a few cameras. We can still switch to other cameras to see what happened.”

As they get back the picture, they see the amount of damage: the damaged railing on the road, the broken trees, the huge crater off the road, and the scattered fires. Yume searches for them on all the monitors when she sees something through the smoke.

Yume happily shouts

“Doctor! Look there! I can see them!”

Dr. Mayonaka smiles as three figures come from out of the smoke. It was Dr .Sachs coughing in the smoke and Knight light helping Knight Shade walk.

10) Int – Dr. Hiruma’s cabin – Sun rise

Dr. Hiruma’s eyes open. He’s still lying down on the bed at room A then he remembers that it wasn’t just a dream. He quickly gets up then makes a run outside room A.

Hiruma asks

“Shawn how is…”

Before Dr. Hiruma could finish his line he sees Dr. Mayonaka using the refibulator to restart Shawn’s heart.

Mayonaka angrily shouts at Shawn

“Come on Shawn! Don’t give up on us! Clear!”

Dr. Mayonaka gives Shawn another shock with the refibulator but still it doesn’t work. Yume watches in the corner of the room, frightened, not knowing what she can do. She tries desperately not to cry because she promised Shawn she wouldn’t.

Dr. Hiruma, carrying a syringe in his hand, pushes Mayonaka aside.

Dr. Hiruma annoyed at Mayonaka says

“Get out of the way Higure, let me do it!”

Hiruma rushes to Shawn’s side and injects him with adrenaline right on the chest to boost his heart, but still nothing. Dr. Hiruma removes the injection and bashes Shawn on the chest.

Hiruma angrily tells Shawn

“Don’t die on me boy. I haven’t said thanks yet.”

Dr. Hiruma hits Shawn on the chest over and over until Dr. Mayonaka catches Hiruma’s arms to stops him.

Tears roll down Mayonaka’s face as he tell Hiruma

“Stop it Noburo. We tried.”

Mayonaka tries to reason with Hiruma but Hiruma just swats away Mayonaka’s hands.

Hiruma shouts at Mayonaka

“Let me go!”

Hiruma stands up, looks at Mayonaka angrily, then Hiruma punches the wall. His knuckles bleed and the blood runs down the wall. Yume inches slowly towards Shawn’s limp body. She holds on to Shawn’s hand

Yume whispers to Shawn

“I’m sorry Shawn, but I wouldn’t be able to keep my promise.”

A single tear rolls down Yume’s cheek. It runs to her chin and falls off her smooth face, but before it touches the ground a hand catches it.

A weak voice speaks

“I told you I’d be back. The hero just has to make it dramatic.”

Yume gasps as she sees Shawn alive. Mayonaka sits on the floor and laughs while Hiruma just smirks and walks out.

Yume hugs Shawn tightly as she says

“Oh, Shawn! It’s so good to have you back!”

Shawn reacts during the hug


Mayonaka taps him on the shoulder as he says

“Good to have ya back. Had us worried there.”

Shawn smiles then nods his head. Shawn sees Ari still sleeping on room B.

Shawn asks as Yume helps him up

“Aren’t we going to wake up Ari?”

Mayonaka looks at Ari then replies

“Nah, look at him. He’s actually just slept now.”

Mayonaka, Yume and Shawn look at Ari in room B who was still sleeping, but with a smile.

11) Ext – School grounds – Early morning

Yume, dressed in her school outfit carrying a hand bag, walks with other students to class.

Yume narrates

“I still can’t forget what happened last night. I’d pinch my self to find out if I was dreaming, if I had slept at all, but since I didn’t, I’m sure it was real.”

“Despite after beating the monsters and saving the boy, a psychiatrists job doesn’t end their. Dr. Mayonaka had a long talk with Dr. Sachs. Dr. Mayonaka told Ari’s father that if he ever neglects Ari again he would report it to child welfare.”

In Saijono tatakai high at Dr Mayonaka’s office, Dr. Mayonaka shakes hands with Ari’s father showing that they have an understanding.

“As for Shawn, he finally got to feel how it is to be one of those heroes on T.V. He nearly died yesterday. Dr. Mayonaka called what happened to him as a medical miracle. Normally after going through something like that you’d be afraid to do it again, and yet some how I think if the need would arise, Shawn would do it all over again without even a thought.”

Shawn tells the other students in class what he just did last night but all the students think it’s just his over active imagination.

“Then there’s Dr. Hiruma. He never thanked Shawn but he said he will so Shawn should stay alive until then. After that he stayed in his cabin. I don’t know if he’s trying to be cool or if there’s something else.”

Dr. Hiruma looks at a picture in his room. It was a picture of him about a year ago carrying a kid up his shoulders.

“And I just heard that Ari won’t be in class for awhile. He’ll be having his long overdue father and son bonding. I’m not even worried for them. I’m sure they’re going to get along. They practically have the same interests.”

Ari with his father look at a science project at a science convention in the United States.

“Well as for me, just seeing Ari’s dream come true is already a dream for me. And for every one else, just keep dreaming. Maybe someday it’ll come true.”

Yume opens the door to her class room. She sees Shawn talking to other students. Shawn sees Yume. He smiles at her and calls her in. Yume returns the smile then she closes the door behind her.

To be countinued

(Preview of next episode)

2nd Knight: Monster in my closet

Yume narrates

“Every night, a Child vanishes from the safeties of their own home. Dr. Hiruma and Dr. Mayonaka are left with no clue on how this is possible because if a dreamer dies, that would mean that the dream would end and the inner demon would vanish.”

Dr. Hiruma and Dr. Mayonaka check one of the rooms where a child had vanished. The police had stated it was kidnapping but Hiruma and Mayonaka know better because they have seen the demon that did this before.

Yume continuous narrating

“But for this particular case, if the dreamer dies the nightmare continuous. Knight Shade and Knight light would have to fight together to face an inner demon we’ve all dreamt about once in our lives.”

Knight Shade and Knight light are in a dark room. They are slowly approaching a slightly opened closet, and then they hear something breathing from within.

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