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A poem about a sharp-shooting cowboy in a dangerous Wild West town.
A handsome, articulate, and well-polished
Gun-toting marksman,
With a fancy, tan-colored Western hat
And a spectacular leather gunbelt,
Sporting a silver, pearl-handled six-shooter
Given to him by his legendary father.
The young, straight-talking cowboy attracting
Countless admirers and the unwitting attention
Of numerous, swooning ladies
Everywhere he travels in this wild,
Eerie, and savage town.
The tobacco-chewing and chain-smoking clientele
Of the risqué and bawdy saloon
Quietly respecting the nattily clad youth,
Having proven his superb shooting skills
In many a deadly contest. 
From his mighty pedigree
To his flawless aim,
He has earned a distinct reputation
As a courageous, firm and steady man...
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