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Gang leader has subordinate problems for Flash Fiction
This was not going well at all. Bob could hardly breathe under the stiflingly tight Obama mask.

He looked over at the counter where Ivan, the ‘brains’ of the outfit was negotiating with the teller for free money.

Why did Ivan get to wear the Reagan mask? It had bigger eye holes and was significantly looser. You could breathe comfortably with a Reagan mask on.

According to Ivan, Reagan had been a president and only the leader of the gang could be president.

Bob saw that Stanly, on the far side of the room, was in obvious discomfort wearing his Senator Feinstein mask. That had been a real battle. Ivan said someone had to wear it. He felt the Feinstein mask would have a calming effect on the bank customers.

Bob approached Ivan, “Excuse me Ivan; I need to talk with you for a minute.”

Ivan was a little put out and held up his index finger indicating to the teller that he needed a moment.

“I know we are the Government Bandits but I am about to pass out in this thing."

“What do you want me to do about it?”

“I want to trade masks.”

Ivan hated being challenged in front of the victims. It was embarrassing.

He considered shooting Bob. Being a crook, working with others was not his strong point. Before he could swing his gun around, there was a gentle tap on his shoulder.

“Excuse me Mr. Reagan.”

He spun around quickly. Now what!

A young woman standing there said, “I think Senator Feinstein has passed out.”

Sure enough, Stanly lay in a heap against the far wall.

“Obama, go help the Senator.”

Bob stood there with his arms crossed.

It sure is hard getting good help these days, Ivan mused, shaking his head sadly.

Word count 300

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