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Rated: 18+ · Script/Play · Young Adult · #1458820
Another piece in a screenplay format.
Tyler, Walker, and Chris sit around the television, sprawled across a couple of couches. College football highlights and bowl projections are on. Each is listening intensely. College football goes off and women’s basketball suddenly comes on.  It is clear that everyone loosens their attention.

Walker: Nuts on my cock! For the love of God, change the fuckin’ channel.

Tyler: (kiddingly) I love women’s basketball.

Walker: Yeah, you also love cock in the mouth.

Walker and Tyler sit on opposite the far sides of two caddy-cornered sofas and they begin to throw a football back and forth. Wyatt enters the room and sits on the sofa and propping his feet on the coffee table.

Wyatt: (irritated) Cut it out. I can’t see shit.

Tyler and Walker continue to toss back and forth, intentionally throwing the ball to block Wyatt’s view. Chris smirked; he enjoyed watching Wyatt struggle to catch an uninterrupted minute of television. Wyatt raises a foot, catching the ball in mid-air, knocking it into another room.

Wyatt: (Pleased with himself) Suck on that.

What a fucking smug twat. A skeptic, know-it-all, grade-A do-ir-by-the-booker that won’t accept losing any sort of conflict.  Fucking twat.

Wyatt settled into the sofa, content, oblivious of what his roommates thought of him.

He had always been a running joke to them. From the moment he became obsessed with COD4, hording the television for countless hours on end. Like a mindless fucking zombie.

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