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by SEC12
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For my senior writing class, I had to write a short story based on a newspaper photogragh.
  When the storm began inconspicuously off the coast of Cuba, no one thought it would be of any concern. After all, it had not been forecast to affect Florida. Why worry about it? Having viewed the weather report, I went on with my usual day. Unconcerned, I perused the library looking for a good book, I perused the pet store hoping to find a new toy for my cat, I perused the clothing store seeking a new outfit. Scarcely did I believe that the disturbance, which this morning threatened only the Bahamas, would indeed come near my home. Because of my numerous experiences with hurricanes, I was not perturbed.

  Fierce waves dashed against the wall. When I returned home, I noticed the ocean churning and the wind picking up considerably. The waves became larger and crashed closer to my home. Slamming against the only thing standing between my home and the violent ocean, the waves jarred the ten foot retaining wall. Suddenly, a loud crack! Fractured from the repeated buffeting, the wall weakened. The sea was striking, crumbling, and devouring.

  When I ran to the sliding glass door, I shuddered. Swiftly, savagely, and silently, the waves tore chunks of sand from the beach. As the water came closer and closer, I frantically thought, "What will happen when the waves reach my home?" Images of horrible natural disasters filled my head. Alarmed, I gathered some family heirlooms, and, along with my cat, I fled my home. Taking one last look at my house, I got in my car and drove away. In the rearview mirror, I watched the waves come and carry away the last remaining pieces of the wall.

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