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a short story about the meaning of friendship.
Last night while in chat; I began to read a blog of Sci the spy. I've learned a little about the real Sci.

So many of us don't really take the time to get to know one another; well I took the time and read word for word what he had to say. I learned a great deal about the man behind Sci the spy. I've learned that in this life we really do take people and friendships for granted. Like so many of us, Sci the spy is just a normal human being with problems just like us.

I've learned through his writings that he loves his family, even though they tick him off at times. He likes airplanes; he took the time out of his busy life to track down a lost relative, who only a short time later passed away. Sci had health problems that maybe many of us didn't know about. He talked about the joy of taking long walks on the beach; he works hard to support his family and writing is his passion.

So much was learned just by reading what he had written. Sci the guy values friendship beyond anything.  Friendships which many of us would disregard and throw away.

He enjoys helping people on WDC, if asked he will. He's been a big help to me in my rewrites and has given me much encouragement since I joined.  I've learned that underneath it all, the Sci man is just that a man, with real feeling's, real pains, and who get's his feeling hurt like anyone else.

So the next time you feel like reading? Read his Sci space it was a very enlightening experience. And made me thankful that I took the time to get to know the real Sci the guy.

I am honored and humbled to call Sci a friend.

Here's to you Sci the spy, Sci the guy.

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