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Free sample of "The Story of All" Clip of Chapter 23.
Chapter 23 :: The Tiny Wolf Girl
Chapter 23
The Tiny Wolf Girl

...I sit there waiting, dripping and cold from the storm that I had just walked in from outside. Then I see her…
The small girl with blood red hair, a fluffy wolf tail and a puppy like look in her eyes...

…I walked over to her to that she was crying, and afraid. I sit beside her and ask her what was wrong. She looked into my eyes...
I said to her,” I’m sorry, but it’s your eyes”. She asks, “What is it that you see”?

I tell her, “I see a girl, scared and tired of running, looking for somewhere to turn and nowhere to go, I see a crazy kind of calm, someone strong but running weak and moving alone”.
She leans on my chest holding me close, “I’m so afraid”, she said, “Who are you stranger?”...

I tell her my name is Zeus and that I come from a far away place...

She looks at me and sees my slightly bloodshot eyes, she pulls down my scarf to reveal the rest of my face and the scars that join...

She climbs up onto my lap with her arms around me and her head on shoulder nuzzling my neck...
"Never let me go", She said, “Take me away from all the pain"

Who are you I asked her...

A dark figure walks from the back of the room, and she jumps up and off of me
She runs over to him and throws her arms around him...
He pushes her to the side and approaches me,
He picks me up by my throat and says that if I go near her again that he would destroy me in ways that I would never think imaginable...
and he throws me to the side like an old rag...

"What kind of creature?", I think to myself.

With long sharp teeth dripping with saliva and stained in blood,
I may never understand who that was or even what that was, but all I know, is shes in trouble with him....

Still raining outside and growing darker, I travel up the road a little further to find another bar, with what seemed to be an extra room on top.

I walk inside to find another girl, standing behind the bar.

"We stop servin in 10 minutes", she yells.
"I’m looking for a room", I say

"Who’s asking stranger?"
"I just need a place to rest for the night", I said, "What’s with the guy....."
"You mean DL?"
"DL", she said, "He threw you out didn’t he?"
"Yea, he’s protective over Kairi"
"The girl"
"So that’s her name, any idea why she was crying earlier"

"Listen stranger", she said,"Kairi is with DL, better just stay away and keep on moving, she’s got her own problems and doesn’t need just some stranger coming into her life"

"Fine", I said in a low quiet voice,” Can I still get that room for the night?"
"Yea sure", she replied," Want a drink before I close up the bar?”, “Its on the house, I can tell your tired"
"Just whiskey" I say

She pulls out a bottle and sits in on the bar, saying,” Help Yourself"
"I’m going to go set up the room upstairs, be back in a flash"

I grab the bottle and take a swig, cringing from the burning sensation from the whiskey hitting the back of my throat.
Best thing that’s happened to me all day


I wake up the next morning, foggy outside.
Empty bottle on the night stand.
Reaching for my ring, I’m unable to find it.
I sit up to take a look around and see the girl, Kairi, sitting on the chair twirling my ring on her thumb.
She looks deep into my eyes with a puppy dog like look in her eyes. Her hair blowing in the wind coming in through the window.

“I missed you”, She said.
“Why did you miss me”, I asked
“I don’t know, I trust you stranger”
“Why Kairi, you barely know me”

She stops twirling my ring, takes it off and looks at it, and slips back on her thumb.
“I like your ring, makes me feel stronger”

I look deep into her eyes and see everything. I sit up straight, and sit on the edge of the bed. She gets up and walks over to me, sits on my lap and throws her arms around my neck. I kiss her neck gently, and breath in that beautiful smell.

“She’s so beautiful “, I think to myself, “How’d I find her the way I did”

“I have to leave soon Kairi”, I told her.
She grips me tighter and says in a quiet voice, “I don’t want you to leave, I want you to stay, and you mean so much to me”
“Why do I mean so much to you”, I ask.
“I feel better when I’m with you; I feel safe, like nothing can bring me down”

I lean her forward a little bit so I can look at her...
...I completely put DL out of my head for the moment and think, “Why me, how did I end up here, with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and now she’s here in my arms”.
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