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Shutdown of teen due to past.
I feel so lonely.
Left to burn,
To burn for all the wrongs,
I 've seen.

I see my mother raped,
My aunt is being assaulted.
All I do is watch,
Because I'm HELPLESS, at 10 years old.

And now that I can fight back physically,
My mind is shutting down.
I do not understand,
So I burn because, I'm still HELPLESS!

I can fight!
And yet I still cannot.
I'm lost with no one to help,
Now everyone is worst off than they were before.

It seems we're all the same;
Those who've experienced,
And us the audience to the many situations,
Trapped in our helplessness.

We need your help.
How do we end this?
HELPLESS in eternity!
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