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A rose has petals and thorns. Life has its own trials and rewards.

Life’s a bowl of cherries but
It has lemons sometimes.
On some days we get dollars,
On others, only dimes.

Life is in fact like a rose,
With both thorns and petals
Sometimes a petal soothes us
Sometimes a thorn nettles.

That day I just can’t forget
When I did miss my flight,
Making me very depressed
But then it came to light

That after the plane took off,
It exploded midair.
Killing all the passengers.
I had an escape rare.

I believe it’s rightly said:
Accept what be your fate.
Let not mind be burdened by
Needless negative weight.

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• Initially written as entry 496007 in the book FAITH, NATURE & INSPIRATIONAL "FAITH, NATURE & INSPIRATIONAL, substituted by the present item on 9 August 2008.

M C Gupta
18 March 2007
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