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by lovely
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one of many letters that i have wrote to my granson who died in 2004, at the age of two.

When my eyes are open or closed it's your face that I see. The love and pain within my heart, I know nothing else to be. Somedays I think of you and I cry. Other days I just don't know how to say goodbye. ALLAH gave you to me so that I could see just how gracious he could be. My love for you it weigh so much, the tears fall harder when I know that it is you whom I can not touch. When I think of you to my knees I fall and still I know that ALLAH loves you most of all. Not always meaning the words that I say. expressing them wrong is my only way. I get so mad because I am so sad.
To Patrick, To Patrick

As long as I can write you will always be near. As long as I can think you will always be here. Even if I cannot see there will always be a place in my heart; never will we depart. From the beginning to the ending this letter I'll be sending.

To Patrick, To Patrick
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