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A short emotional and heart-breaking fictional story
By: Jed Jacobi

    Before you read the next paragraph, open a second window and go to youtube.com and search for “Kate Rusby Who Will Sing Me Lullabies.” Play the song, repeat it if you wish, while you read what I have just written below…and if tears ensue, I apologize…now that you hopefully have found the video/song…play, and enjoy…

Here’s the video link:          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=No5FkAmTaJY

    An old man sits alone in his living room, next to a cozy brightly lit fire. He holds in his hands the knitted pair of bright red woolen socks his wife had made for him. He rolls the smooth cloth over and over in his hands, taking notice of every strand, every piece of cloth his lovely wife had touched. Tears fall down the old man’s cheeks as he remembers how his wife used to love to knit him things…she had even knitted him a rich blue tie once, which of course he wore as often as he could just so he could see her wonderful smile. She used to touch his face with her ever so tender hands, and now, bringing his own hand up to his cheek, the old man began to cry in half-gasping sobs, missing his beautiful bride. How she had cared for him so, and he her.
    Now, more alone than ever, the old man sat in this dark, ensnaring room…his thoughts tearing at his heart. He cries out in desperation for his lovely bride to come back home, knowing full well he will never again feel her angelic hands upon his rough face. Fifty four years of their lives, each so willingly given to the other.
    The old man, with much effort, rose out of his cold chair and walked over towards the fireplace. Upon the mantelpiece were pictures of himself and his wife. He tried to repress his stifled cries but it was no use, the old man broke down in heart-broken agony, the icy hands of death excitedly ripping at the man’s bleeding heart. The old man gasped for air but found none. He fell to the cold tiled floor, eyes wide open, bulgingly stark. With only a few breaths from his virtuous lover, a small smile formed upon the old man’s coarse tear-stained face. He was inches from death, but in his eyes, seconds away from a lifetime of blissfully coated happiness. Lingering on this glorious expulsion from life, the old man exhaled one last time, his body lying deathly still, as his heart raced towards the heavens to reach its promised angel.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1460775