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Oh how they pledge their lives and limbs
Rebuking the Obvious…

God gave us cunning; gave us minds,
He gave us struggles thus defined
in matters facing choices wrought…
In matters that may be for naught.

For in these dank and dreary years
where politicians don’t adhere
to guarantees spewed to promote
the casting of the voters vote.

Oh how they pledge their lives and limbs,
and how we clamor to their whims.
As vows are made and oaths are struck;
we stand, the people – ripe to pluck.

The way they work, the way they scheme,
they feed upon our hopes and dreams.
As trust’s now lost in mired dung,
our politicians speak in tongues.

The candidates - they crave the win.
They hire ‘doctors’ for their spin.
Known in the trade as ‘shifty sleuths’,
they spin their web of half-baked truths.

And we, the skeptics, voice concern
as those elected crash and burn.
Their exploits strewn throughout the Press;
our ‘law-makers’ have hence transgressed.

But pity not the fallen swans,
these ugly ducklings feed upon
a people riddled with despair.
It’s how they catch us – unaware.

What can we do? Where can one go
to find the truths of quid pro quo?
They want our vote at any cost.
We want assured we’ll not be crossed.

There seems no answer, no clear fix
to end their use of lies and tricks
to grab our votes to reassure
their legacy will thus endure…

And so, it seems, it’s up to us
to sort through all the fat and fuss
to find a candidate whose sight
is more than just OK, alright…

For times are tough, and stakes are high
as costs are soaring through the sky.
Our wars are fraught with marked deceit,
our children die on hardened streets.

So place your ballots and take heed
as politicians wills and creeds
are built upon their winning hands -
Make no mistake where each one stands...

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