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Her world is full of tricks. Her men are men named John
Ladies of the Night…

I’ve seen it in their face.
I’ve caught them unaware.
The women of disgrace,
The women of despair.
Always peddling, walking, stopping,
Feeling solitaire.

She wears a woeful mask
As she goes through her day.
Again, she does her task,
Again, like yesterday.
Walking, running, slowing, going,
Always in dismay.

Her world is full of tricks.
Her men are men named John.
They come to get their kicks,
They ‘cum’ and then they're gone.
Slyly, wily, sneaking, peeking,
Always gone by dawn.

These ladies of the night
Have grown up fast and hard.
They’ve seen the parasite.
They’ve seen how he has scarred.
Laughing, whipping, beating, cheating,
Total disregard.

They’ve been around for years—
Society’s sex clowns.
They’ve put up with the leers.
They’ve put up with the frowns.
Pointing, gawking, staring, glaring,
Always looking down.

And, yet, they’re here to stay.
Their wares will always sell.
To those who go astray,
To those who crave a belle.
Searching, finding, sharing, daring,
For the mademoiselle.

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