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Death - Oh how we’ve wondered of the place we’ll all end up – without a trace...
Our Journey’s End...

How many journeys have we shared
with God – and those with whom we’ve cared?
How many lifetimes have gone by?
What is it like – to pass – to die?
Oh how we’ve wondered of the place
we’ll all end up – without a trace...

We travel on this plane with God –
Envision Him with staff and rod.
The ancients tell of wonders – grand;
of miracles by His command.
We humans clamor to embrace
His Holiness – His truth – His space.

Though where we stand – Religions preach
the truths of God are truths they teach.
Yet in the end we all agree
that God is love – He sets us free!
For He provides a sturdy base
surrounding all the human race...

We honor God by how we live;
by how we share – by how we give.
For in the end – His judgment reigns
regardless of religious chains.
Our whole life's worth – death can't erase.
In altered state... there’s no disgrace.

No matter what our thoughts on death
we all will take our final breath.
And in that moment –  share as one.
An earthly life – transformed – undone...
Our energy will touch God’s face,
and thus – share His Amazing Grace.
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