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I'm a small girl with so many problems at a young age. Here they all are...
Well, my life has not turned out the way I ever wanted it too. My mom and dad hate each other, my neice has no where in the world she can call a 'safe' home and my sister has a abusive boyfriend! Heres what happend so far...

Year 1:
Everything was fine, my mom and dad loved each other and I was mostly healthy.

Year 2:
Nothing that bad happend. My mom and dad argued about taxes and money and crap like that. But whos parents don't? The only thing that was bad was that my Grandfather smoked at the kitchen table while I was eating there.

Year 3:
Things got worse. My parents had a fight about every week now. And my dad keep leaving to go to a bar. My mom and I had to move to my Grandmother's house for 'saftey reasons. After we can back home, Micaela had to move in with us an didn't leave until the next year. And my sister didn't even come to her birthday party!

Year 4:
Nothing was improving. I remember one time I got sick, I took a nap while everything was normal and woke up with the cable box smashed on the wall and floor by my dad, we went back to my Grandmother's for a few days. Micaela left with her mother and were doing alright for a while.

Year 5:
God, now every fight was about whos going to be home watching the kid, money and bills. And it happend about every two days. I had just finshed Kindergarten and was the only one there that had only one parent come. I was so sad.

Year 6:
By now I can imagin what you think I'm going to say, but to your surprise things got a lot better. My mom and dad were not fighting everyday, but my sister had just started to blow up. She was broke and basically no place to live. My neice was with her at the time. She had a nice boyfriend, but he was also broke. Oh, and I had just started 1st grade.

Year 7:
1st grade was a blast! My teacher was awesome! She was a nun, but she was real funny! My mom and dad started there fights again, but they were quiter this time. My sister found a real big and nice apartment and got married to her boyfriend. I
was a flower girl. My neice was happy too. I had just fished 1st grade.

Year 8:
God do I wish I had some good news for you. But, I don't. My mom and dad where terrible and my sister was unhappy wiyth her new husband. My neice was sad and
crazy so it was terrible. Ug, my 2nd grade teacher was a nightmare! All she did was scream! But, on the bright side I got my first boyfriend. We got each other in so much trouble.

Year 9:
THIS YEAR SUCKED! My mom and dad NEVER stopped fighting. 3rd grade started and my neice moved in with us around January. That was terrible! She was so rude and was hanging around with the wrong people and my sister was telling her bad things about my mom and basically to hate her. My mom and dad fought everyday and me and boyfriend hated each other. We broke up and then we never made up. If your wondering about my sister, she got a new boyfriend and they got into a fist-fight. Micaela was horrified and they moved. Terrible man...

Year 10:
Well, this is the most recent year. I didn't have a birthday party, I didn't go trick-or-treating, my mom and dad had to same habbits and to make matters worse, my dad hits my mom and cheats on her. Isn't this a lovely year so far? You haven't even read the worst part. Recently my dad threatend to punch my mom in the face if she came in HER house. Even though it was my dad's father's house, she lived there for 11 years! She called to police and they couldn't do anything and we stayed at my Grandmother's house AGAIN. We have been there 2 nights and my mom went to a judge. If she wins the case, she lives in the house and my dad can't come near X amount of miles near us. Which I have no problem with. But if my dad wins, we can live in the house but he can't yell, curse, touch us, etc., etc etc.. Either way my mom is divorcing him. So my life sucks so far when I'm ten. Even though I looked foward to being a 'tween' and a double didget my whole life. Well, that all I got. Oh, and my neices uncle hit her. She lives with her other grandma and she wants to be with us almost everyday. It really, REALLY sucks!
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