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Animal Crossing wild World Adventures =) How pathetic is that?
It's been alittle over two weeks since I've moved into my new town, Tea Town. I came here on a call for help. The town was simply run down, and old. Trees were blocking most of the greatest features of the town, and I could clearly see the hidden potential of this village.

Tom Nook, who's the main runner of the town. He owns one of the shops, and the most-used shop as well. He's helped me out a bit with giving me a house to move in, which was SO small. When I first went into the house, my suitcase took up most of the room, and all that was in there was a cardboard box, candle, and a tape deck.

I had to make a note that not all houses in this town had electricity, or at least, real sence of lighting. That has been fixed now, and my house is a pretty decent size, it's actually almost too big. I have NO idea what I'm going to do with the space now.

When I first got to the town, there were only three people. Puddles, Buck, and Chow. They all had their distinct personalities. Within the next week, I had 8 people living in the town. Chow was packing up to leave just the other day because of this huge fude between him and Cube (another town resident), and thankfully I could sort it all out so that no one had to leave.

I found out that Arura is really sick and I find myself constantly going to Nook's place to buy medicine for her. Not to mention trying to keep up with the town's people on a day to day basis. I find the post office more of a second home for me, sicne I find it easier to just write out a bunch of letters, and wait for a reply the next day.

The main thing that I'm trying to fix is the landscaping in Tea Town. It's horrible and unorganized and the trees domiant over everything. I started cutting down some, but it just doesn't seem to stop.

Not to mention the fact that I have bills to pay, a mortgage to keep up with, and my insurence that just seems to get higher and higher each month. I'm in alot of debt, and I need to get out, but it's hard to save money when I'm constantly trying to spend it on the animals and donating to the town. Money takes alot of work to get in Animal Crossing, and once you get it, you just ahve to spend it. Which is a bummer for me, because I don't do alot of shopping so I SHOULD have money, but I don't.

Puddles needed a new bookcase, so I got her one. Buck wanted a pool table and wouldn't shut up about it, so I got one for him. Chow was threatening to leave, so I had to buy him an unnessasary 2,000 bell plant to get him to stay. I'm trying really hard not to over do myself, but it seems like everytime I head out on the town, something needs to be done. Not to mention Mallary's diar need to mail letters to certain town people within a 10-minute time limit.

I knew it would be some work to get this town organized, but it seems like it's taking me a whole lot more work.

I even talked to the mayor about my little project that I have going on. I need MORE money because I think it would be better to make roads and sidewalks for everyone, so that there's no ruining flowers, and we can keep some sort of sceanery going on for the visitors. However, it'll take too much time to map out sidewalks and roads, nevermind to pay to get the patterns done. So I might be stuck hiring someone over wifi, which, in an added "bonus" will cost me MORE bells. >.<

I want to get this town to the top of it's level. I even donated 10,000 bells to Boondox, which is a suffering town that now can sleep in actual sheds instead of the piles of dirt. I also did it so that I can give some type of reputation to our town.

My days have consisted of fishing for at least 20 minutes, mailing letters left and right, scopeing out exotic fruits, cutting down trees, breaking up fights between Chow and Cube ( I have no idea what their problem is with eachother), taking Mallary's quizes, cleaning up the place, scoping out for new furniture, taking care of Aurora, and taking care of the little surprises that hit me every so often, like festivals and insurence collection.

I'm still working on trying to get my house into an organized functional space so that when other neighbors do come over for a quick milkshake or dinner, that it doesn't look like I just shoved all of this random furniture in my house. I'm still trying to figure out different seating arrangments, plus what i'm going to do when I get the new rooms, hopefully after I pay off all of my mortgage, things will be going better. =) Until then...

~Morgan (aka Mia)
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