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Noun: a policy of imperialism rationalized as inevitable (as if granted by God)
Manifest Destiny…
Noun: a policy of imperialism rationalized as inevitable (as if granted by God)

We say it is our destiny
predicted by our past.
We state it categorically;
“We will not be surpassed!”
Within the bosom of our lands 
this phrase is most revered.
Though cultures share its meaning
in a way that should be feared.

These words protect, in strangest ways,
our souls from feeling wrong.
For if it is our destiny? 
We have to come on strong!
We each envision our own way
of justifying feuds;
the motives tend to all blend in –
as reasoning alludes.

Our rationales precede us
filled with love and Godly light.
We validate because our holy books
demand we’re right!
We feel good, for we’ve been taught  –
"Be firm in your belief;
that firmly states our notions
stand with God -our greatest Chief!"

Assuming that we’re each correct,
we fight with valor – bold.
For in our minds we manifest
the dreams we share and hold.
We want to please the ‘One’ who makes
our days seem more alive –
But who’s to say whose ways are right?
And who should we deprive?

We state that it is God who holds
our judgment in the end.
And yet we stand and dare critique,
demean and condescend.
Somehow ‘our’ special way of life
prevails over theirs!
And thus it is our destiny
to manifest our prayers

Why do we have to question
who is right and who is wrong?
Why can’t we see it matters not
which culture we belong?
For there is but one destiny
we all should clearly see –
And we are manifesting it   
while shouting our decree…

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