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The answer lies within the heart, within the mind – it’s just a start.
Ode to a Friend…

What does one look for when seeking themselves? 
How far do they go in deciding who delves? 
What do they want to uncover? 
Who do they hope to discover? 
What fears lurk in the shadows of the mind
feeding off untold horrors to find? 
What expedition of heart do they seek? 
What lies therein seeming sad and weak?
Where will they journey in their lives? 
When is it time to decide who strives? 
Who has power over these things? 
Whose wishes are answered on angel’s wings?

The answer lies within the heart,
within the mind – it’s just a start. 
To find the pain, to find the love,
to find what pulls from up above… 
Go deep inside where answers sought
are left to stand – no lessons taught.
Just burdens – weights upon your chest,
upon your soul, upon your breast.
You run, you flee, you push away… 
You say you’ll try another day. 
You ask for love, you ask for aid,
you pray to God although afraid
of what?  Of who?  Just bare your soul
as you pursue your lifelong goal. 

Your inner wants, your inner dreams, 
your soul it begs! Your soul - it screams.
Your patience zapped beyond what pains,
a hardened life - a life that drains.
Once full of vigor; full of spice,
full of dreams that so entice... 
Now left with growth still yet untouched,
upon your heart you've groped and clutched
with empty hands and empty heart.
You stand alone - you stand apart
from all you seek and all you want; 
you flit about, you hide – yet flaunt.
And, still you ask for change at hand.
You seek your truth, to understand...

- An earthly child just left to bear
an empty life with few who care. 
Who seeks affection in his way –
Who dooms himself – falls well astray
of love now lost; in quiet stealth
he finds no earthly human wealth. 
A sin! A crime! A downright shame
to pass such judgment – pass the blame
to who?  Who bears the brunt of cause? 
Who shares the guilt?  Who writes these laws?

To find yourself; to find your peace;
to find your answers you must cease
your running – for the time has come
to find your dreams, to live, have fun
in other ways that feed your being…
You must be true - for you are seeing
a miracle cross in your path…
You must be open – without wrath.

The choice is yours… to heal or not.
To fix your ‘self’ and not get caught
in blurring visions; questioned quests –
confused in fear that never rests… 
You want a life! You seek His light!
You find such power in His might. 
Your life must take a right-hand turn...
with lessons found – attempts to learn.

'Tis only then that you will know
your promise in His Golden Glow…

1st Place Winner WDC B-day Newbies Contest (Poetry)
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