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Ignorance cries out to all - it hits our hearts each day.

Lift Your Blinds...

Ignorance cries out to all,
it hits our hearts each day.
It sickens, as it does appall!
It causes mind decay.

This cancer grows by those who spread
their heinous hate around.
Our children listen to our words -
and thus - become spellbound.

To teach a child they should hate
a color or a creed;
is just about the ultimate…
‘To poison your own seed!’

Look hard at Man – we’ve all two feet,
two arms, two eyes, one nose.
So what’s the difference?  I repeat,
what thoughts can you disclose?

Your logic has no sense, you see;
our sameness proves - you're wrong!
Who gave you power to decree
that only Whites belong?

How dare you think yourselves too good
for racial interchange.
You’re needed for the brotherhood
of Man! We’re not that strange.

So LIFT YOUR BLINDS!  You’ll surely find
a world of friendly folks.
A warning  – – those not colorblind…

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