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we vow to love
yet deep within
we know
our eternity
is now.

that is truth
not indictment;
for the finite
equate infinity
with the timelessness
of moments;

when you laugh
at my jokes,
dry my tears;

when i kiss your lips,
hold your hand,
see you smile;

when we
feel our love
fill our hearts
with joy.

"this I know"   by destinydances

Because I love you now, I love you always - this I know.
These finite moments are indelibly etched in my soul
transcending to infinity to
become a part of who I am forevermore.
I am exalted in my tears and in my laughter...
I am refined and I am raw...
I am peaceful and I am energized...
I am emotion, thought, sensation, and soul...
I am everything...
and in that you are in me, me in you...
you nurture me as I nurture you...
together we are a unique whole,
unfolding what we are into what we will be...

joined by light

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