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Rated: E · Editorial · Cultural · #1463990
Peter and the Wolf
          I'm so excited to see the ballet. 'Peter and the Wolf' is a classic.
          Natalia Mstislav Zinovia will be staring, she's gorgeous and
          Yakim Vyacheslav Svyatoslav a legend in his time. Oh, yes
          the ballerinas have begun their faun like dance through the black
          forest. Oh, look here comes Yakim with an axe. The fauns are
          scattering. What's this do I hear a hunting trumpet? Those are
          real hounds! Natalia has been flushed out! Look out for the...
          spring net trap!

          This is fantastic. The set is full of real trees and barberry bushes.
          Tutus are flying.. I think Natalia is chewing her way through the
          net. Yes! She's free! Look at her role off that baberry bush. What
          a trooper. Yakim is swinging his axe! Natalia is safe. That was close
          her tiara is embebed in the tree with Yakim's axe. She's leaping
          into a triple spin: spurning gravity and catches Yakim in a scissor
          head lock with her legs. He's turning bright colors in his face.

          Here come the hounds to the rescuce. They leap up and bite at
          Natalia's lovely pink flowing wood nymph dress. The dogs are dragging
          her down, but she wont release Yakim from her death grip. His eyes
          are popping out. I cry out bravo! Oh, they've fallen into the lap of the
          happy brook; played by Sasha Petya Innokenti. She's just perfect.
          I think if Sasha remains still the hounds wont bite her. Wait she has
          a fire hose! Sasha is blowing the hounds off Natalia!

          I have never witnessed such pageantry. Yakim is getting a face full of
          the happy brook. The fauns are beating off the hounds with branches.
          Now, they're point dancing in a line. I can hear the hunter's trumpet.
          Bang! A blunderbuss; look at the smoke from that cannon. A few fauns
          are down, the rest are scattering. Natalia and Sasha turn the fire hose on
          the hunters. The hunters are spinning on their backs into a side wing
          display of blue berry bushes.

          Yakim is leaping, with two wide scissor jumps, for the fire hose!
          He's got it! Natalia and Sasha are pummeling Yakim, but he wont let
          go of the hose. My God!!! A standing ovation. Is that the wolf? Looks
          more like a Coyote... Hmmmmm played by Muzzy. The wolf has
          snatched Sasha by the back of her tights! He's tossing her butt first
          into a blue berry bush. Sasha is cursing in Russian. Natalia is biting
          Yakim's left ear. Yakim is still holding the hose!

          Yummy! Blue berries are bouncing into my lap! The happy brook is
          kicking the wolf. .. The fauns have circled around the drenched
          hunters and are beating them with branches. Are they playing Checov?
          The wolf has pulled Sasha tights over a stump. She is still point dancing!
          Yakim is hosing Sasha. She is still point dancing! Natalia has a hard
          clutch on Yakim. He is attempting to free himself with three scissor
          jumps! Here comes the Wolf!

          Oooooooooooooo! The Wolf has given Natalia a wedgy. She's hanging
          from a plum tree. And Yakim is hosing her. What a performance!
          I have to send a contribution to PBS. The Fauns have circled Yakim
          and the Wolf. Their beating them with branches! Yes! Natalia and Sasha
          are freed! Bravo! Bravo! Standing ovation!

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1463990