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Does anyone else notice these simple things?
Every so often I notice things. Not the ever present visual screeching of billboards along the highways, nor the thump-thumping of radio bass in the car next to me. No, I'm into the more subtle and much more (I think) beautiful things around me--around US--you included. Perhaps it's just me, but since I was a child and I am hoping you did too, in fact I'm  praying  that you did, stop and listen to the music of the leaves in the wind. And look at the sun on flowers and at rainbows arcing over a yard sprinkler and experience that sweet shiver of pleasure of all the things man did not create.

It's the tiny things that thrill me, maybe stupid to some. The feel of my hair lifted and blown by the wind, the smell of loamy earth and cut grass and blossoms. It's that one fraction of a fraction of a second when I go back to some moment of childhood freedom and joy that in the next instant escapes my memory like a drop of quicksilver. Yet I know it's there, hidden in my childhood waiting for the day I return for good, smiling without ceasing, singing for pure joy.

Most people fear that regress into second childhood. I fear that we might run so far and so hard from that regression that we no longer notice those tiny things that let us know we are not part of the machinery we have created but of the natural cogs in the wheel of life--all life.

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