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Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #1464168
This amusing rhyme is for all those who HATE housework...
The Everyday Housewife Routine…

The chores of the everyday
Housewife are too much to stand;
It has to be done, but dear
God why put me in command?
I’m forced to keep cleaning but
Always the filth does ascend;
I hate doing housework, the
Cycle keeps turning - no end.

My corners are filthy - my
Windows so streaked you can’t see;
My couch underneath has a
Wealth of old dust and debris.
The oven is coated with
Spill after spill now turned black,
The cupboards are full of small
Weevils that came for a snack.

My closet is stuffed full with
Boxes of things hardly used;
To find what you want you must
Dig but the pile seems fused.
My icebox is sticky; the
Biscuits blew up past their date,
The crumbs, all around, invite
Bugs to come eat off the plates.

Old clothes seldom worn lie in
Heaps here and there—all around,
Odd socks that I’ve lost in the
House still have yet to be found.
The bathroom has mold growing
Everywhere, all through the year,
I clean a few moments per
Day (no ‘tis not my career).

Surprisingly, with all the
Clutter my household seems neat;
My crud I keep hidden in
Ways that are 'somewhat discreet'.
I’ll always be messy—compelled
By my hatred to clean…
I’ll NEVER get used to the
Everyday housewife routine!

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1464168-The-Everyday-Housewife-Routine