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When Mary gets rescued from her REAL parents, will she trust them?
"Never in my life have I seen such a beautiful baby..." said Gigi, a new proud and happy parent.
"Well, you've never had a baby before. All your baby's that you will have will be beautiful." said Ryan, another new proud and happy parent.

Ryan and Gigi had been dream about this day for months and now their dreams have become reality. Gigi gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Mary.

Mary left with her father for home two days before Gigi could leave. She was still had some nausia and real other discusting stuff... so they figured she would stay.

Mary was a very quite baby. Ryan tried to play with her but she didn't do anything but spit up. Ryan was happy that he could take care of a baby now. He said to himslef, "Maybe I'll get a good night's sleep even with the baby here." Ryan was the farthest from right. Every hour of the night Mary cried for more and more milk. He was very happy when Gigi came home.

As the days and months went by, Mary was very independent. She could walk by the age of three months, talk by 5 months, and could read short stories by 8! Mary could go to the bathroom by herself, wash her hands and clean herself. She never argued with what her parents told her to do. Most of the time, she sat in her room with a pencil and pad thinking of stories that she could fill her time with while her parents cooked or did laundry. Mary had very high self esteem and believed in many diffrent legeneds and myths. "Somday," she told her parents, "I will prove to this universe that Big-Foot and Robin Hood were true."

Six years past like someone eating an apple straight to the core. Gigi and Ryan had to sent Mary to Kindergarten, her teachers had offred that she skipped a grade.
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