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Are Porn Stars Just "Regular People"? Watch This Couple Try And Make It Work...

         Tracy rocked back on her knees, panting, sculpted ass high, back arched while untamed delight sizzled like a wild arc of electricity through her body.  Trembling, she closed her moist eyes and dropped her head, her brown tresses with their honeyed highlights tumbling forward around her luscious young face.  She felt so good right now, so good...

         “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuuuuuuuuhhhhhkkk,” she cried, punctuating the efforts of the tongue that was snaking its way around, over, and inside the tight, flexing ring of her spit-slickened asshole.  That tongue belonged to Jared, her boyfriend, although if you asked him he'd say the depth of his commitment---like his penetration---went much, much deeper.


         Tracy and Jared halted on cue.  It was reluctant, but they stopped.  Tracy looked over past the two camera guys circling her to the director standing just outside the ring of cables and lighting gear.

         "We were too fast, weren't we...?" she asked, assuming the scene had been interrupted because she and her lover had  drifted into the familiar moves they enjoyed as opposed to the exaggerated, scripted motions they got paid to perform.

         "We weren't too fast, baby," Jared assured her from behind.  Even so, she still looked to the Director expectantly, awaiting the critique she thought was coming.

         “Lou, what the Hell is going on with the lights, you're killing the scene!  Frankie, listen, I want you to bring your cam in wide from over Jared's RIGHT shoulder, then tight in on his tongue in her ass.  Slow, steady, and try not to bump him.  Got it? Lou!  Drop the light's height and make sure the angles don't throw Frankie's shadow across everything.”

         “Got it, got it...”

         “Am I all right?  I can arch my back some more if you need me to.”

         “Yeah, babe, that sounds good.  Go ahead and try it that way, it should make Frankie's job easier.  Lisa!  Spritz her down a little more, I'm liking the wet look on her skin but stay clear of her hair.  How about you, Jared, you cool?”

         “I was great until you called cut,” he smiled, rolling his shoulders until they popped soothingly.  It took him just long enough loosening up his back for Lisa to finish enhancing the moist glow of Tracy's butterscotch tan.

         “Right, well do your dates on your own time, this is work.  Keep your tongue going like it was but try doing slower circles, I want as many angles of that as I can get before we move on.”

         “I'm on it.”

         “I know you are, big guy...  Great work, Lisa, its looking perfect.  Okay everybody, places.  Lets reset for go, we need to get this wrapped before we quit for lunch.”

{ To Be Continued, More On The Way! }
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