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It's the question we all ask... What lies beyond the door?
The Unopened Door…

Somewhere, beyond,
On a far reaching star
Lay answers to questions
Of just who we are;

Our memoirs have spanned
Through the spaces of time,
Not to capture them all
Seems to me - a great crime.

The very first atom –
Where did it derive?
So small, yet so mighty –
‘Twill always survive.

That is an answer
Known only to Thee,
Beyond comprehension
To earthlings like me.

You gave us the power
To reason and doubt;
Left clues all around
For Man's science to tout.

There’re millions who’ve passed
Knowing not where they came,
For those yet to come –
It will be just the same.

The unanswered question
Remains evermore
In hearts of all humans –
Behind Your closed door…*RainbowR*
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