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Who owns God?
Praying Rights…

My God on High – I stand with Thee
in wisdom You convey.
You gave us all an open mind
to seek and find our way.
Man’s paths were formed within a course;
we sought religions to enforce
our understanding of The Source –
The One to Whom we pray…

Our open minds God granted us
leave many in dismay;
for in the struggle we call life
we’ve simply gone astray.
We use ‘our’ God to pick a fight;
for in His name we say we’re right,
we ask His help with all our might –
The One to Whom we pray…

We justify in His good name
our spats along the way –
With piousness we go to Him;
we kill – and then we pray…
We bring about an awful strife
by taking someone else’s life;
we hand to God the bloody knife –
The One to Whom we pray…

The reasons for our fruitless feuds
upon us, heavy, weigh.
For in our hearts we know it’s wrong
to treat ourselves as prey.
But still beliefs condemn all those
who don’t believe as we suppose;
we say our God you can’t oppose –
The One to Whom we pray…

We’re caught within our core beliefs;
we’ve such a wide array.
The subject of who’s right or wrong
is fought most every day.
Within our cultures rich and vast
stands Godly knowledge – unsurpassed
by anyone who’s drawn to ask
The One to Whom we pray…

We each have ways we go to Him.
How can we chip away
at someone else’s firm beliefs
that get them through their day?
How dare we act as though we’re God
while living in our grand façade;
we break in half His mighty rod!
The One to Whom we pray…

Perhaps, in time we’ll realize
our world’s in disarray
because of Man’s own arrogance
that puts God on display.
We think we’re all so smart and wise;
we think with God we will arise,
we think with Him we’ll touch the skies!
The One to Whom we pray…

We all have rights to live our lives
unique – in our own way.
Why can’t we just let bygones be?
And purge the hate away…
If only we would understand
we have no right to dare demand;
for He Who Is – is in command!
The One to Whom we pray…

Please listen hard my children dear
these words that now I say;
God’s goodness lies within all souls
who seek a righteous way...
In all beliefs throughout the earth
there’s understanding God gave birth –
He grants ALL cultures have a worth!
The One to Whom we pray…

Let’s live the teachings of the words
our books so well portray;
for God belongs to all of us
within each other’s day.
I beg this hatred now to cease;
we need to understand – release!
We all deserve to live in peace
with Him – to Whom we pray…


Grand Prize - Black Case Awards - Poetry

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