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Patience and adjustment, for my lack of pride at work - a poem.
I’ve been working on a new role lately,
Though my work’s been appreciated greatly.
It just doesn’t seem that my talent is such
That people at the company like me too much.
Working hard on everything, and more of it,
So that my company can make a huge profit.
But people like me don’t know a whole lot
About the jobs and the needs that most others have got!

So I dream of the day that I earn some respect
Through projects with scope, that I can’t reject.
Ideas and knowledge are what I’ll be known for;
No longer will pride be the something I moan for.
All that I need is a little more time,
Plus a lot more seasoning, to reach my prime.
My role at the company, for now, can’t be greater,
Than an unglamorous one, to make history later! 
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