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How Do You Research?
How Do You Research?

Watch how people interact with each other; What do they say to each other? What are they doing with their hands, feet or arms? What look do they have on their faces? What are their actions? What moves are they making? How does their voice sound?

How Do You Research?

1. Watching other people interact
a) Book Stores
b) Malls
c) Restaurants
d) Schools / Colleges
e) Parks
f) MOVIES - Renting them or watching them on TV is best, because you can watch in the privacy of your home and take LOTS of notes. Although, going out to the movies isn't a bad thing either because you go not to really watch the movie but to watch the people going to the movie instead; you can watch all the LOVE BIRDS cuddle, kiss, cry, etc.

(Any where there is a crowd of people and you can find a quite place to sit back with pen and paper and note their actions, and if you can get close enough listen to what they say.}

2. Searching the Internet
a) Google - Type in a question or topic http://www.google.com
b) Yahoo - http://www.yahoo.com
c) Message Boards like this one

3. Read
a) Books on your topic
b) Other Books written by an author in your genre similar to yourself.

4. Interview
a) Interview people
b) Friends, Family
c) Coworkers, fellow students
d) People in the type of business your character is working in or portraying
(Most people are ecstatic when you tell them you are writing a book and would like to interview them to get their thoughts and ideas on a particular item.)

Hope this helps. Just sitting back and watching has helped me tremendously.. One book I am writing came from two girls and a guy sitting at a bar and what he did and said to them. You would be amazed at different things you will see when you aren't looking for them.


Write and Rewrite
And Have Fun!

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