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What our world has become....

                                              World of professionalism

looking from the little window, I
observe the inevitable,every day
hubbub that surrounds me.
I am watching, but i cannot see.
I do not pay attention to the people and the cars
passing by down the street.
There is no need to - from the height of the
ninth floor I stay hidden, unnoticed.
my eyes wander somewhere into the distance.
suddenly something drew my attention.
When I looked down I saw a sun -
yellow sun, blinding my eyes and
overshadowing everything around it.
The strange thing was that that sun was smiling at me.
This was a smile blinding with its whiteness
of its diamonds from witch it was carved.
I looked at it more carefully and I noticed that
that sun  was standing on a beautifully carved
as if from the hand of an unknown God
statue of mahogany tree with the shape of a woman.
I was bewitched. I could not move my eyes away from it.
And all of a sudden it disappeared.
Just like it came to be the magnificent sun
with the diamond smile became
just the casual every day woman.
It was someone I know.
She was telling me something but
I could not hear her.
So I just waved at her and got inside.
The time of the gorgeous and fairy
has passed away .
Now it was time for work and rational
judgment of every move and every word.
Now we are in the world of professionalism
Let us be professionals!
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