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Thoughts that derived from some reading over the concept of an egregore.
There are several understandings over what an 'egregore' is however the one I am concerned with at present, is the concept of a group mind, within a concept that takes on its own life. Within occult practice, this concept is used a lot, however it also follows various other more traditional ideas, the very idea of group prayer for example also follows these ideals.

Basically, the idea states that if several people, believe, ask, or 'pray' for something, together as one, then the group collective brings about the 'thing' as a reality. Outside of occult practice and more into psychological ideas, then you also find that if a group of people believe in something then it becomes a 'reality to them.'

The idea of the egregore is, if this belief is sustained long enough, or enough people hold it, then it becomes an independent entity, subjective only to itself. Basically the ideal 'lives' without the others and can interact with them and anyone else, freely, as its own self. An entity that no longer requires the original group persae, as it can exist freely within its own right.
This concept led me on to consider various other thoughts, specifically the ideal of 'God.' If an egregore requires a few people to believe in it and simply for that to grow over some amount of time to take on its own form and essentially become independent and simply exist within its own right. Then the idea of God definitely falls under this thought.

If you consider Judaism, enough people believed in a singular entity that was God, to which this 'egregore' became real in its own right, then it grew and developed into alternative variations within the minds of others, by different interactions, which formed Christianity, originally in reality a Jewish sect, again this differentiated into Islamic belief, again based within the same identity of the original belief, however altered within itself and therefore the interaction of others which then changed the belief system of others.

I'm aware this could come off as offensive towards people who believe in God, I'm not stating that God is and always has merely been a giant run away egregore, merely using this plausible connotation that we are all aware of as an example to get more into my philosophical point in a moment.

Now moving on, if we consider God to be an egregore then essentially God exists. Now of its own right, perhaps not exactly on a physical level but more, within the abstract of the minds of everyone around us. Belief after all is essentially reality, what we understand and believe the world to be is our reality, so if one believes in God then God is real to them and the egregore lives on, as a living entity... Now to get a little more complicated.
If God is real, as an entity, self existing out with any singular persons control, then what God actually is, therefore, logically would be real as well. As God is considered to be the creator of everything, then God therefore created the world, however God as an egregoredid not exist until 'we' believed in him, which was after our creation, obviously. So how can we be created after we are created?

Now then, perhaps we could go into the idea of malleable time, in which now could be a start, where as the past can be 'after.' If we consider time to be a singular line, we are merely a point on it, we naturally move in one direction but the possibility remains that we could reverse that direction and move 'backwards' in time. In which case, there would be no exact past or present, just a multitude of points which are connected and can continually be altered by the others. Subjective intervals which are only what they are based on previous intervals and if said previous intervals altered in any way, then the rest would also change. Much like the concept of chaos, within disorder there is order, the idea of a small alteration in one location of the world created a larger effect on a continuous line later on.

Let's see, if this is the case, where time is basically a collective of points, rather than being described as a line, then inserting a new point within this collection, will alter all subjective points. As such, if a creation of a new form, that was significant enough, such as a 'being' or creator of the universe, then it would affect all other points within that collection. As such the present would effectively change the past. As in reality, the line is not a line but points, that flow in one direction, however as they are merely points and can change, interact with one another, then future events can change the past just as easily as past events change the future.

We could argue this case by observing human nature, in that although the past events happened a certain way, by interacting with other things, other people for example in the future, our view point and later, our memory can be completely changed, as such essentially the understanding or in this instance, the past is changed due to future, or current events.
As such now we could understand the possibility, that if the thought form of God, was to be created, within the egregore, God then existed, then this alteration could essentially alter the past, in which case the universe would now have been created by the form that never existed until we did?

So if the egregore of God now exists, which then created the world, then the past was altered to suit the present. What existed before this? The universe perhaps has always existed, at least that's what I believe, however within the minds of many, the reality for those who believe and are affected by the egregore, then this potentially could explain this phenomenon. Either that, or the concept of the egregore is a merely a fallacy that has and never will become a reality, in which case. At least it was an interesting little bit of thought that passed the time.
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