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Part I of my article featured in "Virtious Woman", a quarterly Internet Publication.
                                    The Ministry of Rejection:

Words, wounds and woes have disappointed, damaged and devastated a host of humanities finest.  Some have been wounded to such a degree, that no longer can they espy their true identity or even dare think of the very purpose which once beckoned them to pursue destiny’s call.  Many, who were in denial or who chose to suffer silently, thought that if they “tricked” their minds long enough, their wounds would simply go away, never to surface again.  But beloved of God, it’s been years – for some even decades, and the gaping wounds yet fester sore.  We have fast discovered that for a plethora of mankind, pain is a common denominator.  Hurt and rejection are no longer just “the other person’s problem” but rather the same have indeed become “OUR VERY OWN.”     

Because we’ve struggled with issues of abandonment, physical and/or emotional afflictions, as well as the insatiable “need to belong”, we have come to view ourselves as “damaged goods” as each attempt to “fit”, has left us empty, angry and in a tangled web of confusion.  Having been thoroughly pierced by rejection’s thorn, so many of God’s
precious people, who were once vibrant and full of vigor as they pushed forward in life, have now ceased to dream at all.  In numerous cases, those who once “thrived” with tenacity have conceded that they are nothing more than trash fit for the slop.  To some, this may sound crazy.  With all of the “self help”, the “positive thinking”, and the “motivational speaker preachers” in the land, one would scarcely believe that a person sitting right next to him/her could be trapped in an emotional hell.  Not only is it “some other person” but often it is you and it is I who happen to be “stuck.”  Oh sure, WE can put on a good front – but our reality is literally our torture chamber. 

For countless souls, the blaring tape continues to play as they are bombarded with words such as -  “You can’t do anything right.”  “You’re useless.”  “Nobody wants you around.”  “You just don’t fit.”  “You’re stupid.”  “You’re just like your no good mother.”  “My father left me, so I hate you.”  “Your father raped me and now I hate all men.”  “I don’t even know who your father is.”  “Lyrics” such as these have formed a constant melody that lulls some of you to sleep at night and faithfully shows up to greet you each morning – without fail. 

These are the words “THEY” have always hurled at us; and of course, THEY are always right.  My dear friend let me ask you something.  Who are (or who were) the “they say" people in your life?  Was it a parent, or a teacher?  Was it a group of children who poked fun at you every chance they got?  Who was it that “dropped” you?  Who beguiled you my sister, my brother?  Who told you were no good? Who was it that made you believe you would never amount to anything at all?

One of the saddest accounts penned upon the pages of the “Holy Writ”, would have to be that of “Mephibosheth.”  His story is found in the book of II Samuel, Chapters 4 and 9.  Mephibosheth was a royal heir; his grandfather was King Saul and his father Prince Jonathan.  Both died in the heat of battle.  As a young boy, Mephibosheth was “dropped” (and perhaps trampled upon), as his nurse fled with him in her arms, as they hastened to escape the enemies which pursued them.  The “drop” resulted in the permanent crippling of his feet.  Ashamed of his physical condition, having no one left who really cared about him, and feeling sorry for himself, Mephibosheth chose to dwell in “Lodebar.”  Nothing ever grows quite right in Lodebar.  It is a place where little to no productivity is wrought.  Lodebar is like a desert or barren place - a waste land of sorts.  How many of us have pitched our tent in an emotional Lodebar?  There we have suffered and stayed trapped in the anguished recesses of our hell-laden, twisted thoughts. 

While Mephibosheth chose to “hide out”, a woman in “Samaria” (John Chapter 4), decided to “hang out” in [sexual], degradation.  Jesus made it a priority to go through Samaria.  For there, He would soon satisfy a deeply rooted need, as He quenched the desire of one “thirsty” woman.  The Samaritans were a mixed race of people, who were deemed by the Jews, to be nothing more than dogs.  Especially despised were the Samaritan “females” – and this one, a “loose woman" made her all the more deplorable. 
For a Jew to even “speak” to a Samaritan was totally against tradition; this simply was unheard of - but Jesus asks her for a drink anyway. 
In total amazement, she marvels at the fact that He would ask her anything at all, let alone for a drink of water.  He told her that – “If you only know the Gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked Him and He would have given you living water.”  After a brief dialogue about Jacob and the well, Jesus told her that “Everyone who drinks of this [well] water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I give him will never thirst.”  “Indeed, the water that I give him will be a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”  At that statement, she asks Him for this “Living Water.”   

Jesus told her to go and get her husband.  She replied by saying, she had no husband. By the time of this life changing encounter, this woman would have already had been married 5 times and would have already set up shop with a live-in lover.  As she recognized Jesus to be “The Messiah”, she ran and told it all over town.  “Come see a Man who told me all things.”  Never would her life be the same again.  That which was missing, would no longer seek fulfillment through lured escapades.  Her inner longings, the need for a man, and the solicitation of acceptance [from “men” or others], came to a screeching halt after just one “Drink of Jesus.”  Beloved, He satisfies!  Have you had your drink today?  Come to the well, all ye who thirst.  Why not seek The Lord today, while He may yet be found of thee? 

This author is no stranger to rejection.  Seemingly I have dwelt in “Rejectsville” for much of my life.  As a youngster, and even well into my adult years, it seemed as though the tapestry of my destiny, would be woven together with threads of pain, which entailed that I, be “picked out to be picked on.”  As a child, I endured constant teasing and belittlement.  Kids would call me names, play all sorts of jokes on me and mercilessly taunt me to no end. It is no surprise that I would easily sympathize with the classic Hans Christian Anderson storybook character - “The Ugly Duckling.”  Being made to feel as though I was “different” or that “something was wrong with me” certainly took its toll.  To this day, I still don’t fit.  For a purpose, in which God alone can wrap His mind around, He has mandated that this be part of my life’s blue print.  Of course it has been painful!  Of course it hurts! 
And while I do not necessarily like it, nor do I claim to totally understand it, TODAY, I can honestly say, that I have learned to persevere in spite of it – at least 90% of the time anyway.  For even Jesus was one who had been - “Despised and rejected, a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief.”  I tell you, He knows exactly what we’re going through!  Before I got comfortable in my own skin and fully accepted “being me” (and really loving me), I just like the Samaritan woman, found myself engulfed in relationship after relationship as I searched for acceptance.  I wanted love; and I searched for it in all the wrong places.  It wasn’t until my mid-30’s, that I came to realize, most of my lack had seemingly stemmed from “A missed blessing” and the kind of love, that only a [true] “father” could give.  Biological, Step or Spiritual – sometimes a father just doesn’t want to be bothered – know what I mean?  Even if he is present in the home, “yet he may be emotionally unavailable.”  Worse still, are the dads who are available, but who hate the fact that YOU happen to be his son or daughter. 

What happens when dad is unavailable?  What do you do, when your “Spiritual Leader” turns into a “Saul like” “Spiritual Assassin?”  Have you ever been rejected by a so called “Spiritual Father?”  Have you ever known met people that view themselves as “A walking question mark” because dad was never there and they have no identity with which to identify?  Beloved friend, do you know someone who has experienced “church hurt” or “fatherlessness” and now he or she has given up on Jesus – or perhaps on life itself?  That precious soul needs to know that God understands and that He has not given up on THEM – nor will He give up on Y-O-U!

The complete story and testimony of “Prophetess J. Godley–Ramos”, can be found in - “A Bastard’s Refuge II Rejected by Man but Adopted by God.”  This no holds barred book is written in authentic “Firebrand” style.  “A Bastard’s Refuge II” is a “Crooked Pastor’s” and the “Perverted Dad’s” worse nightmare, but it is the answer to prayer for the countless souls that have been wounded by them.  No longer will they pimp, molest or rape and go free. It’s about to get hot!! Whew!!!  The church may not be ready for this one, because things will never be the same again.  -  “Can Y-O-U stand the heat?” 

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