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Conversations with a Fairy
    Interview with a Fairy:

    Commentary: Fairies are as real as Angels or Ghosts.

          I spotted Winkin last night under a fern. She was no bigger than my
    thumb. Yet, her voice was as clear as chiming bells. She was very upset.
            "Man Kin!" Winkin shouted at me. She was covered in dirt.
    I poured some water over her slender fey figure. She became radiant.

            "Pretend, pretend you are just and true! And I shall make myself
    believe in you." I was taken with her tiny fierce challenge.

            "Well, why so angry? Is this the custome of Fairy greetings?"
    My question had a mockish tone. What did I have to fear?

              There was a gale of wind that pick me up and on my back.
    "Heaven has designed to call men to its throne and leave ashes for me!"

              "My good lady I assure you I mean you no harm." I struggled to
    my feet. Winkin flew about my head like a ball of fire.

                "You age and gloat. I am eternal." Her face was cross.
    "Try if you can to love with gentle sympathy without treachery."

                She vanished in a blink of a wink. Yes, yes I pondered.
      If the origin of nature is selfish? Then, it is heroic to love selflessly.



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