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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1467191
Short paragraph that introduce characters for a current game project.
Doctor Byron Roderick stood before the large chalk board. He was lost in
thought while he entertained himself by staring at the culmination of
six months of frenzied work. Byron sipped at his tea as he studied the
blueprint of what the lab had begun to affectionately call the Genesis
Seed. It was outstanding, a vessel representing the combined dreams and
hopes of the entire world. For laymen the blueprint looked to be a
chaotic mess of mathematical formulas and the random scrawling of
archaic symbols but to a trained eye it was the holy grail of
technological achievements. Considering it would be the last of any
technological breakthroughs of humanity it had to be the greatest.

The footsteps of his assistant Horatio, his slightly more than
squirrelly assistant brought him out of his admiration of the Seed.
Adjusting his glasses on his thin nose Byron turned to his assistant who
fidgeted in the corner of the room.

“Yes Horatio?”

Horatio stammered as he gestured out towards the hallway. “Th, the
delegation from India is here to inspect the heating coils for the
descension rockets and her royal imminence the Queen requests a brunch
as to be updated on the progress of Mother Goose. There is also tour
group of..” Byron waved his hand cutting his report off mid sentence.

“Brunch is a brilliant idea Horatio, however I believe I will be having
it alone today.”

Horatio paled at the idea of slighting the Queen and began to protest.
“But Sir! That is a outrageous slight to the her royal Imminence the Queen!”

Turning the Doctor peered out the window. “Who is it that holds the key
to survival of mankind in their hands, The Queen perhaps? That my dear
simpleton of an assistant is a Laughable idea, The President of the
Combined Nations of the Eastern Aegies? No. It is non other than I, and
if I feel the need to have brunch in the usually peaceful space of my
lab, then I shall do so. Now..” Byron turned to face Horatio and peered
down at him from just above his eyeglasses.
“Off with you to report my rudeness to her royal imminence the Queen.”

"...Innsmuth has a population of less than 200, contamination teams are
sweeping the city with fire. Greenholm has reported three infections
today, with three fatalities. That's forty seven cities now, and despite
the best work of our quarantine teams and the full shutdown of Greenholm
with no travel in or out, it is infected. Current projections give us
seven months until the virus burns out losing enough of its fuel source
that it can no longer maintain viability. Of course that also is the
amount of time until the population of the world is less that two
percent of its former amount, Over Seven billion dead."

The analyst turned to the board on the wall and began to analyze the
budget and resources currently available. With a soul weary sigh
Roderick slipped out the door of the "war room" and down the halls of
the military base located in the heart ot the Hope mountains. He soon
came to two large ten ton steel doors that stretched far above, it was
said that not even the Virus could enter this base, Roderick had his doubts.

Tipping his hat to the guards he slipped out of the base and into a cold
drizzle, fuel trucks moved back and forth over the vast expanse of cold
concrete moving highly processed coal into the base from various
refineries around the country. It was a sight to see, all that movement
but Roderick was concentrating on something past that, his eyes focused
on the trees on the horizon, a endless sea of trees stretching out in
every direction. A small rough cough interrupted his moment of solitude
and he turned giving an annoyed grunt at the person he saw.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the mad wizard himself." The tall lean
man in a leather jacket flicked a cigarette at the ground and pulled a
flippant and arrogant salute.

"David." Roderick began walking down the road away from the base and
David quickly caught up and fell into step with Roderick. "Why is it
every time I see you something bad happens?"

David smiled showing a set of perfect teeth that went with his wind
blown hair that he carefully crafted each morning. David was to be the
captain of the Genesis Seed, an arrogant prideful guinea pig was all he
was. Despite being a guinea pig, he was the one they had and they needed
him to get the ship started on its journey. Roderick acted like he
disliked the man making it known that any man who knowingly went on a
suicide mission was a fool and a braggart who was only interested in the
immortality of legend. But David went on this mission knowing he would
only be the legend of corpses. While he thought the man was indeed a
braggart, he was also a good man and secretly confided in David.

"David...I am tired." Roderick said suddenly stopping to turn and regard
David with his pale blue eyes, David saw infinity in those eyes and
infinity of pain, joy, hate, love and immense sadness. David saw God in
Rodericks eyes just then and felt suddenly afraid.

"Hey, pops...your scaring me, wheres your usual grumpy old self?"

Roderick turned and began walking again watching the puff of mist that
formed with every breath he took.

"Everyday I walk this road, in the beginning I walked this road with
pride and my steps, my steps they were light. Everyday after that my
steps became a little heavier. Today it feels that every step I take my
soul is being dragged down."

David put a hand on Roderick's shoulder and pulled him to a stop,
opening he mouth he began to comfort the old man but Roderick quickly
put his hand up. "Let me finish David, this is important and you are the
only one who will remember my words when everything else is gone."

David nodded, wisely keeping his mouth shut and just simply light
another cigarette. He had learned long ago when and when not to argue
with the Doctor.

"David. I walk the Earth and my lungs burn because the world is on fire.
Even though the virus is not one hundred percent lethal, no virus is,
does not mean that the world will survive this. Only a few hundred, no
more than a thousand in the entire world will be immune, that...I fear
is not enough to rebuild. The first winter without electricity and
warmth will kill half of those, We have forgot to live in a world
without the artificial. Do not let the children make the same mistake
David. "
Roderick took his glasses off and began to massage the bridge of his nose.

"Do not let them go forth without the knowledge to make a campfire, or
huddle for warmth in a cold night. Mother Goose can teach them how to
make a shelter, but she cannot teach them the when's or why's of
survival. Despite being the children of gods, despite that some can lift
trees and others run like the wind, despite the knowledge of a thousand
of my selves...never forget that they are children and they will need a
father. Promise me David. Promise me that you will be their Father and
also promise me that they will know me and remember me."

David spoke, just barely above a whisper, his words carried away on the

"I promise Doc."
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