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I was the one who made this freestyle poem and It is really special to me.

I always wanted a life of my own,
I always wanted a freedom to be known,
I always wanted a love to be shown.
I'm always thinking on why life does somethimes seems to be mean,
Though I know life wasn't meant to be perfect,
I know I have to act and live with it.

I'm always thinking of a place of my own,
Where all my thoughts and fantasies would grow,
Im always thinking of someone who'll appreciate,
and give me love that will overflow,
I know I do live in a dream,
A world which isn't perfect as it seems,
Things which doesnt look to be right,
In my world,
Are fantasies which are bright.
I can dance,
I can sing,
I can love,
I can be free,
Free from the pain,
That this real world has made.
Everytime I feel the pain and despair,
I keep asking myself,
Why life can be so unfair?.
Don't I deserve to be happy?
Don't I deserve to be loved?
When can a world,
Free of mistakes be mine?

I know many things are missing in my life,
But a question keeps asking,
Why does love needs to be taken away?

I know from the start,
I was not meant for you,
I know in my heart,
I'll always be there for you.
I know it'll be smart to be away from you.
You won't ever feel the way I felt.
You won't suffer the way I was hurt,
You won't ever see the way I was attracted to you.

I guess,
I have to live
my own world,
my own dream,
my own life,
Running in a never ending path,
Which leads to a world,
of Freedom, Happiness and, Love.
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