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Inspired by "Can't Take That Away."

Everyone can say anything they want to say
Keep bringing me down
No support,
No hope,
No gain.

After they have got everything they want from you
They'll just throw you away,
like no friendship was made

In the hard days of life
You need someone to hold on to
But when you need them and asked them,
The hard days of your life would be
The hardest days of eternity.

The wind from the east eases my pain,
The light from the sun glistens on my skin,
The way everyone of you treats me,
Breaks me and my dream

How can I love?
How can I be loved?
If everyone of you treats me this way
And everyone of you knows me this way
How can I rise from the grave that you dug for me?
How can I climb from the stairs that are broken in my life?
How can I?
How can I?

Till the end of my last breath and word
Everything you did to me
Will be just a wind
That passed from my skin
And never be the history of myself..

Made: August 12, 2003
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