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I will surely rise.

The time I've been waiting for is coming very near,
That day I've been waiting for is coming too fast.
I will be shining so brightly
That no one can bring me down from the
Heavens where I belong.

Its my time to shine,
To see the truth
To feel the real me.
I'll be rising up on the grave where you left me
And I'll be shining up brightly more than your candle slowly fading.

I cannot make myself believe from all of this lies,
All of this doubts,
All of this darkness slowly eating me up.

I'll be rising up with this truth about myself,
The way I look,
The way I stare,
The way I speak,
The way I handle those lies
And whispers in your ears.

You don't know me in every ways that I am,
You think I'm strong but I'm not,
You think I'm loved but I'm not.

I know there's something in me
That no one else can posses.
The time has come and
I'll be walking up high in that
Broken stairs you've made
And I'll be flying up way high with
The wounded wings that I have.

Made: August 13, 2003
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