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Being grateful.

Whenever I breathe I live
I'm so thankful with that
All the things in my life
I'm greatful and thankful.

Thank you for the life
Thank you for the pain
Thank you for the relationship in connection to the sun
Thank you for the raindrop for I am the sea.
Thank you for I am Thankful.

I am thankful for being loved
Even though I was never loved by whoever else
I was loved by my self.
I learned from my pain
I earned from my fame
I realized that I possess all things
So bright and beautiful.

I'm sorry if I earned,
I'm sorry If I won
But be sorry for you have become
My key in taking this brighter step in my life.

I am  a block that cannot be easily destroyed.
You may destroy me outside but
Stronger on my soul and mind.
To be thankful means life
This is the other chance to let other
People see how brighter they are from
Light and Fire.

(Inspired by "Dangerously in Love")

Made: August 15, 2003
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