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Failing then rising.

In the steps of my life
I should know how to feel, act and deal
I can't be high,
If I can't low
I can't fly,
If I cant walk
I should feel how others act
And fel very real.

I'm real in every words that I speak
I'm real in every act that I take and
I'm real to my self that Before I rise I should fall.

This given life I should treasure
And not to step on others sole for I
I am my life, my light and my guide.

Crawling in the ground without any support
Will be the rise of my destiny and eternity.
No one to help,
No one to ask,
No one to support but only my self.

I'll rise with my blistered foot
I'll feel with my real skin
And I'll shine with my real glow.

In this given life
I learned how to love,
I learned how real I am
And I learned how to deal with others
Without stepping on their own sole dignity and life.

Made: August 19, 2003
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