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Rated: 18+ · Critique · Fantasy · #1468823
Understanding the Cosmos
            In the journey we learn what is to come. So many different
        worlds, who can say which is better or worse? It is enough to
        wonder at these alien cultures and except our possiblities as
        a new race amongst many.
            Frzzzzzzzzz. "Hmf?" I was in the middle of my typing.
        The red light in my rented car started blinking. Where did I
        pull over? I pondered. It's very dark out there. Maybe, I should
        start driving for the nearest town.
            I've forgotten my map. OooooooK. Cell phone has no towers.
        Well, I'm on the highway going west or is it east? Nice breeze.
        Peanut butter, mustard and cheese on rye and a @Pepsi.
        Yummy. Onion rings! I thought I had some left under the
        @Entertainment mag.
            Half a tank of gas... No buildings yet. This is a quest! I will
        persevere like Persivile! It's a funny thing how one can feel so
        insignificant out here... Screeeeeeeeeeeeech! A village down the
        dirt road. Yes! Their lights on in those huts.
              Beeeeeep! Beeeep! Beeep! A lovely lady is aproaching with a
        @Winchester. "Hi." I smile. "What brings you here?" her rifle is
        pressed under my chin. "Wellll, I'm lost and I think I might have an
        overheated radiator. Can I use your phone?"
              She lowers her rifle; "You'd come a long way off. It'd be better
        for you to go back the way you came." She step back as I stepped
        out of my car; "Just need some time to streach. Can I use your toilet?"
        The lady look at me sideways, "Come and look for a spot." She
        pointed to the field. Just then, another lovely lady appeared with red
        hair, "Who's that peeing over there?"
              I zipped up and introduced myself, "Muzzy." The red haired lady
        stared intensely, "I'm Ceri, we are Wicca." I looked over at the open
        door, "May I go inside? I'd loved to get some pics of your hut."
        She said not a word, but raised a beckoning hand. I followed in amazement.
              Click..fzzzzzzzz. I snapped a pic of the round intierior with a fire in
        the center. The smoke rose through a hole in the thatch roof. There
        were dried herbs hanging with meat and straw beds flat on the floor.
        "I am Felicia." the blond lady bowed. She placed her @Winchester by
        the meat. "Hi. Felicia!" I offered to shake her hand. She did not offer hers.
                "Welllllll, no utility bills here. Do you live here?" my question
        was ignored... Felicia spoke softly to Ceri, who stared at me. "You
        wish to stay the night?" Ceri was firm, but pleasant. "Yawn." I
        guess that sandwich was catching up with me, "Ok."
                I quite enjoyed laying on the straw bed with Felicia and Ceri.
        It was warm in the hut. "No sorrow. No joy. It flows away. Forgotten."
        Ceri was whispering. Felicia smiled. I enjoyed their sex...
        I guess this is a spiritual journey. ..

© Copyright 2008 bob county (muzzy43 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1468823