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Monday Monday Monday
I paid close attention to where I was going as I swayed awkwardly through the narrow gap between the seats, which was clearly not big enough for me and my backpack, until I reached the point where Madison and Abby were disputing about where they were to sit. I laughed a little as Aidan jumped at the sight of Madison’s butt in his face when he suddenly turned around. I waited for her to slide in by the window and then shoved my backpack into the seat where it soon slid loudly to the ground. Leaving it to lay motionless on the black and brown floor of the bus, I too fell clumsily into the seat and let loose a loud sigh.

The day had gone by fast but not fast enough.

“Did you understand your math teacher better today? Me speak no English.”

“Yea I did understand him a little better,” I said laughing weakly at Aidan’s failed attempt at a Spanish accent. I had been hoping to get a little more conversation time with him but then Luke forced Shaun into Aidan’s seat blocking my entire view of him.

I gave up on my goal and dug in my purse pocket for my Zune, happy to have some distraction for a while. Flipping through the artist I finally landed on my newest favorite and clicked onto my favorite song. The soft cover felt cool in my hands as I flipped it over and ran my finger down the back. The heavy metal song wasn’t enough for me so I turned it all the way up until I herd the familiar pop and the soft high pitched screech of my speakers busting.

It soon faded into the background as I plunged deeper and deeper into my music, drowning into the beat of the song not even noticing when it changed. The feeling of my heart beating to the sound of the music thrilled me and instantly perked me up. I pulled my headphones out of my ear and wrapped them around my Zune, after only two songs, and shoved it carelessly into my purse where I got it from.

I hardly noticed Madison’s gloomy mood until I turned to look out the window. I asked her what was wrong but she looked hesitant to say in front of all the people, even though we both knew that no one was listening.

“Text it to me,” I uttered as Eva yelled from the seat behind me for Shaun to move. The next thing I know Eva is in the seat in front of me and Shaun is no where.

We pulled up to my house and Eva got up but quickly sat back down for me to pass. My face burned red hot as I stepped off the bus realizing that she had sat with Aidan. Jealousy roared through my veins and a million different ways of causing her emotional and physical pain flashed through my head but one by one they all disappeared realizing that I would be to chicken to perform any of them.

Technically he wasn’t mine yet. Technically he was Keira’s. But I still didn’t like the fact that Eva was so comfortable getting close to him even though he was taken. I had a hard time coming back from my mindless muttering to fumble for my keys. I hadn’t realized how hot and sticky it was outside until now and that made me want to get inside more. Monday was finally over.

I had completely forgotten that Madison was supposed to text me until the vibration in my pocket woke me from my trance.
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