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by Deana
Rated: E · Draft · Friendship · #1469077
A love story
When he walked into the dive, he hadn't planned to stay long. All he needed was a drink or two to clear his head before he did something drastic. As he sat down at the bar, he told the bartenderhis order. When he downed the shot of whiskey, he signaled for another. As the whiskey burned going down, he started to feel a little better. He downed the next one, and decided two was enough.
That done, he looked around. If a lightning bolt had hit him, it wouldn't have been nearly as powerful as the way her voice reached into his heart and grabbed it.
When his eyes followed his ears to the crude stage, he couldn't believe what he saw. She was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, and Jack Morgan had seen a few.
Her hair looked like a halo of brown and red mixed together so it seemed to become one indescribable shade. It was long, and it flowed smooth like ribbons. She had the voice of an angel sent from the heavens. He didn't recognize the song, not that it mattered. She could have been singing cuss words, and it would have been beautiful. Her face held the innocence of a child, but this was no child. He fell in love with her the instant he heard her voice, and was further sure of it when he saw her face.
Jack couldn't take his eyes off her. She was finishingher set, and telling the audience she'd be back in a bit. She made her way off the stage, and amazingly, to the barstool next to him. She was even more beautiful up close. It was a good thing that he was a bumbling fool. He decided to play it cool.
"Hey Mikey!" She gestured to the bartender as she leaned over the bar to grab a longneck of Bud Light. "I'm taking my free beer now."
"Take two if you want Leila. You know it's all free for you," Mikey replied as he passed a couple of drinks to a waitress who looked like she had seen better days. For that matter, Mikey didn't look so hot either.
"I'd rather not take advantage of Uncle Carlo," Leila replied as she sat back down on her stool.
"Your uncle owns the place?" Jack asked her casually as he lit a cigarette.
"He's not really my uncle," Leila replied as she turned towards him. Jack was not prepared for the beauty of her eyes. They were twin pools of jade green. "He's a friend of my father's.

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