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A Prose about Cissy and I if we would have lived in a Cherokee Tribe in the 1700's.
Dedicated to Cissy {White Wolf} I Love WDC! Cissy‚̧ my Cherokee Sister and close friend. I love you, my Sister. I am part Cherokee and this prose is about Cissy and I and how I imagine how life would have been if we would have lived in the 1700's out west on a Cherokee Reservation. This is for you, Cissy. I am proud to be part of your Native American Group. Readers, please visit Cissy's group and port. Hugs: Megan{Moonlight Dove}

Sisters born in the Cherokee Tribe
Best friends as they endured-
Hardships but honored the customs
and the members of the Cherokee Tribe.

White Wolf and Moonlight Dove,
Happy to be Cherokee sisters.
The only children of:
Eagle Spirit and Willow Wind.

They fish, weave baskets,
Cook, make beautiful-
jewelry from beads-
as they wear their jewelry with pride.

They are faithful to the spirits.
Sometimes, you can see a
white wolf and gray wolves-
walking and watching over them.

White Wolf and Moonlight Dove-
wait patiently for their father-
to chose their husbands-
who will be loyal and faithful to the tribe.

The sisters have always been close.
Healing injured animals.
Healing their own people as well.
The spirits smile and shine on them.

Moonlight Dove saved her sister from-
drowning in the lake when the canoe-
capsized and the wild current pulled her under.
White Wolf and Moonlight Dove have a special bond.

The day has come for the sisters to be married.
Their father chose the husbands well.
The sisters have fallen in love
and are happy to be married.

The Cherokee sisters have children now.
They remain close and their children-
are also friends and family.
They have been blessed by the spirits.

The Cherokee Nation lives on.
The wolves, eagles and spirits-
will always watch over the Cherokees.
America, still a land to be proud of.

The Cherokee sisters could have been-
Cissy and Megan in a past life.
If we would have lived in the west in the 1700's.
I love you, Cissy my Cherokee sister!

Beautiful Poser of Native American Woman by best friend Angel.
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